How To Try Out Pink Hair The January Jones Way

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How to get January Jones' pink hair
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Just when you think the pink hair trend might be simmering down for the season, another celebrity co-signs the color, joining the ranks of Kaia Gerber, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Dua Lipa. January Jones popped up on Instagram with baby-pink hair near the end of August — but only just now shared how she's maintaining the pastel hue while at home. The secret behind January Jones' pink hair: the current shade comes courtesy of a Davines conditioner.

Jones shared the details in response to a question about the dye she used which, yes, happened on a selfie featuring her perfectly pink hair. "It’s @davinesofficial alchemic conditioner for red heads," the actor wrote. "Has worked the best so far!"

Luckily, this is one color product that's actually easy to use at home. According to Michael Bowman, Davines educator and hairstylist, Jones' pink look can be created on wet or dry hair. "Doing it on dry hair will create a longer-lasting effect and doing it on wet hair will dilute the tone and longevity of the color," Bowman shares with The Zoe Report over email. Another note: Having blonde hair, natural or not, definitely helps make the very unnatural color pop. "Please know that this will only work on pre-lightened hair! January Jones’ lightened blonde hair made for a perfect base for this color," the stylist adds.

All set with your blonde locks? It's time to gather your supplies and get ready for the fun part. "You can apply one part Alchemic Red Conditioner and one part Nourishing Miracle Conditioner into a bowl and mix together, then apply to hair and comb through to distribute the product," Bowman suggests. "Let the color sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. For more of a dramatic and darker magenta/pink, use only the Alchemic Red Conditioner and let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse."

So, even if you do go the lighter route and combine the two conditioners, you're still looking at a new hair color for less than $100. Below, Bowman's recommendations for Jones' pink hair.

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