Influencer-Approved Spring Styling Tricks That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look


Though spring blooms may still be elusive, seasonal wardrobe shifts are well underway. Bulky winter coats are disappearing from sight, florals and other festive prints are cropping up, and bare ankles are no longer cause for a dropped jaw. Warmer days are imminent, and it's a marvelous time for putting together fresh looks for the sun-filled season. The next few months are likely to provide a variety of dressing scenarios you'll be needing strong outfits for. Outdoor weddings, last-minute weekend getaways, and not to mention a whole new set of professional ensembles. Because it's probably not so realistic to completely replace your wardrobe with a completely new one, the next best thing is to revamp your repertoire of spring styling tricks by looking to influencers for some tried-and-true ideas.

Instagram, as you know, is a reliable place to help reinvigorate your style. Following new accounts, bookmarking inspiring looks, and returning to these snaps from time to time can quickly get you out of a dressing pickle and into an outfit you feel confident about. Ahead, see seven spring styling tricks that have the influencer stamp of approval, read why they recommend the look, and shop their picks for the season to get going on your next great outfit.

Build Around A Center Piece

Courtesy of Grece Ghanem

"'I usually lay the foundation around the center piece I want to showcase. I make everything around it subtle so that it can shine: layering a slip dress over a tee!" — Grece Ghanem

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Slip Dress


Acne Studios

Mix Your Prints

slipintostyle on Instagram

"My styling trick is pretty simple. I took a slip dress and wore it over a high-neck top with puffy sleeves. I also had a little fun with mixing clashing prints like polka dots and stripes." — Ellie Delphine

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Spritz Silk Dress



Slick Back And Simple

"Slick back hair is the perfect way to look refreshed and awake for spring. I love putting fun scrunchies and clips in my hair. As hotter days are on their way, a chic way to pull my hair back is always my go-to." — Taylr Anne

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Woven Cotton Scrunchie


Stine Goya

The Power Of A Good Blazer

"I love to combine them with jeans ( or denim shorts ) and a tank top. So I can wear the blazer in the chilly mornings and take it off during the day." — Anne-Miek Kessels

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Belted Manish Jacket



Minimalist Matching Set

"I love wearing a matching suit with nothing underneath the blazer. If it is too revealing, i'll add a bit of styling tape on the sides, but usually a button or tie up will secure the blazer in place." — Jessica Alizzi

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Kan I Bag



Never Underestimate Color-Blocking

Courtesy of Grece Ghanem

"Color blocking bold colours and pastels for the spring!" — Grece Ghanem

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Arezzo Confetti Handbag


ATP Atelier

Bold Proportions

"Spring is for babydoll dresses and big pouffy blouses." — Rachel Nosco

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Remnants Plaid Babydoll Dress


Urban Renewal