This Genius IKEA Hack Makes It So Easy To Bring More Color Into Your Home


First there was IKEA. Then came the IKEA hacks — a DIY genre dedicated to modifying IKEA's affordable furniture and home decor to become whatever you want it to be. Now, with the entrance of IKEA's February 2019 arrivals, the brand is basically hacking itself; and if you were wondering how to add more color to your home this spring, look no further.

IKEA has always been a leader in customizable decor. However, the customization is usually reserved to choosing your preferred stain for its untreated wood, or figuring how you wide you'd like the space to be between your BILLY bookcase's shelves (a design that turned 40 years old this February, by the way). IKEA's new LANGSTED rugs are different, though. Unlike untreated wood or a bookcase, the rug collection was created to be even more eye-catching customized than it is on its own.

Available online in two sizes for $12.99 and $49.99, the low pile rugs' edges are cut in a way that allows you to arrange multiple LANGSTEDs side-by-side, creating your own customized color-blocked rug. It's a genius pre-made hack for shoppers that find themselves changing up their decor often, or for those uniquely-shaped rooms where a regular carpet won't fit.


IKEA chose four colors — a neutral beige, emerald green, turquoise, and golden yellow — for the LANGSTED rugs. The shades complement one another, but can also be used in twos; pair the cool green and turquoise up, or fit yellow and beige LANGSTEDs together for a warmer rug.

Although IKEA advertises that the LANGSTED rugs won't shed, your home (or any adventuresome kids and animals exploring it) may require a rug that comes in just one piece. If so, you can still get into the color-blocking floor trend with IKEA's new KONGSTRUP rug. Retailing online for $79.99, the design's staircase pattern looks as if it's made from two pieces of pale blue and dark green rug fitted together. Unlike the LANGSTED, the KONGSTRUP is a high pile rug, as well.

IKEA didn't use up its bold spring colors on the floor. Other February arrivals are just as bright, like the striking yellow makeover the BILLY bookcase got for its birthday. Keep scrolling to browse nine pieces that show off IKEA's fresh color palette, and sustained dedication to affordable, customizable home decor.