Here's The 2020 Decorating Trend IKEA Is Betting On (& It's Not What You'd Expect)


Like any shopper with a mild (OK, major) home decor obsession, I began flipping through the IKEA 2020 catalog moments after it landed on my doorstep. Even if my style veers vintage-inspired maximalist — aka tastefully cluttered — there's something about IKEA's signature Scandinavian minimalism that's appealing season after season. However, I wasn't more than a few pages through the catalog when I was greeted with one of IKEA's biggest 2020 trends, and it's one I personally never saw coming: rustic, cottage-inspired home decor.

Sure, it's not like IKEA exclusively offers its more pared-down designs — it's dabbled in everything from boho rattan furniture to velvet armchairs in the past — but 2020 is ushering in a bold new take for the Swedish brand. Though really, this new trend is all about finding your space's inner peace. "Off to the calming countryside," IKEA noted in its 2020 catalog, which is also available digitally on the brand's website. "Even if you live in the city, you can still create that cottage feeling with pieces like these; all inspired by nature and traditional handcraft."

Before anyone panics: IKEA's minimalism isn't going anywhere. If anything, IKEA's 2020 catalog shows a modern take on a utilitarian decor style, adding touches of warmth, texture, and the occasional basket where they weren't found before.


Speaking of baskets. One of IKEA's most exciting recent additions is the KNIXHULT lamp series, an affordable (and DIY-free) way to get in on the basket lighting trend. "When we developed the KNIXHULT lamp series, we let parts of the bamboo plant, that otherwise would be discarded, become part of the expression ― meaning we harness each plant twice as much," IKEA explained in the product description for the KNIXHULT pendant lamp; which retails for only $39.99, by the way.


This nature-inspired trend isn't strictly taking a page from the the bamboo-adorned boho stylebook, though. IKEA also incorporates a muted color story into the catalog's styling, featuring the new white GULSPARV baby blanket, monochromatic METTALISE cushion cover, and bamboo VISBÄCK poster hanger as well. (And if for some reason you aren't into the rustic minimalism, IKEA's already revealed its autumn 2019 decor color palette, and it features virtually every single color in the rainbow.)

To explore IKEA's entire 2020 catalog, visit the brand's website. Below, eight new trend-setting pieces from IKEA to consider for 2020.