Why Neon Lingerie Is The Trend To Try


It's easy to spot trends when it comes to shoes, bags, or sunglasses; just take a scroll through the latest runway shows or your Instagram feed. The lingerie trend cycle, however, can be more of a challenge to pin down. Often, you can't really see exactly which pieces other people throw on under their clothes. But given the fact that anything neon is hard to miss, I can confirm that trendsetters have added bold, colorful bras into their lingerie rotations. Loud colors — from safety-cone orange to acid green — are primed to be a major trend for fall, so much so that even undergarments are undergoing a total refresh.

Sure, high-saturation lingerie may not be office appropriate, but for the right occasion, revealing a flash of bright orange or pink is a fun way to add color to your look. Neon can be commanding (like when it's styled under a sheer top), but it can be a bit more subtle, like when it barely peeks through a cotton button-down or a crisp tee. So, it's up to you to calibrate your own level of comfort, whether your foray into bright bras and bralettes is something you keep precious or show off with confidence. Either way, there's something energizing about swapping out your usual nude bra for something that packs a bit more of a punch.

If you're in need of a little extra styling inspiration, channel designers like Prabal Gurung and No. 21 who layer colorful sheer dresses and separates over coordinated underwear. Or for a take inspired by street style, try going sans-shirt and pairing your bra with a relaxed blazer. Shop some style options below.