This Is The Winter Trend That Will Instantly Get You Noticed

There is perhaps no clothing more adept at conveying, "hey, I'm ready for a good time" than something metallic. When you put on a shiny coat or pair of pants, you're basically telling the world that you're ready to be noticed. But, like anything that makes a bold statement, how you choose to wear metallics takes more forethought than say, styling a pair of versatile jeans or an everyday cashmere sweater. Don't fret though, with so many historic references to draw from — Francoise Hardy's iconic Paco Rabanne dress comes to mind, as do Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell's insanely cool silver slip dresses from the '90s — you won't be at a loss. If you wear metallic you follow in the steps of greatness.

So where to begin? The ideas below are all-encompassing and work for style types that run the gamut (minimalist, downtown-inspired, etc.). Sure, a single shiny accessory like a handbag or pair of shoes is highly encouraged (you'll find some examples of that below), but this season you can also consider more unexpected ways to wear this shiny material on your person. Continue onward for a glistening assortment of wardrobe favorites like a radiant puffer jacket that'll keep you toasty while looking fresh and a pair of twinkly pants that will surely become your next party mainstay. Shop and shine on, friends.

All About the Ankle Boots

Start off stylishly simple with a pair of metallic ankle boots. They'll add a playful texture to your look without feeling overtly out of the box.


Pop Into a Puffer

If you have to bundle up for the next several months in a down jacket, why not have a bit of fun with it? I'm feeling the metallic puffer right now and you should too.


Say It With a Statement (Earring)

The statement earring is a trend that is most certainly not going anywhere anytime soon; try a metallic pair for a (literal) eye-catching look.


The New Evening Outerwear

For your next night out consider teaming a shiny trench coat with your ensemble for a truly fun finale. Warning: You won't want to take it off.


Party Pants For All

Jeans may be a staple, but try mixing things up instead with a pair of metallic trousers. Styled with your favorite basics, it's a cool outfit that won't overwhelm.


Metallic, Meet Daytime

A metallic dress doesn't have to be relegated to party time. Consider an iteration in a slightly more conservative silhouette that'll translate into a range of scenarios.


Knee-High and Happy

Polish off a sleek look with a pair of metallic knee-high (or if you're extra daring, OTK) boots.


Just a Little Bit

Add just a touch of glamour to your office look with a piece that features a subtle element of metallic, like Eva Chen's paillette-lined trench.


It's In the Bag

If you tend to dress on the more classic, minimalist side the easiest way to organically incorporate the metallic trend into your look is by way of a petite purse.


Cozy On the Top, Party On the Bottom

A surprisingly effortless pairing for the holiday season is your favorite sweater layered atop a sparkly skirt. Try it with a solid metallic or sequins (what I consider to be metallic's second cousin).