How to Wear Jeans And Ankle Boots When You Hate Skinny Denim


It wasn't all that long ago that most women's denim collections consisted solely of skinny jeans. A fitted pair of dark-wash jeans seemed like the ultimate wear-with-anything item. But if there was a single skinny-jeans uniform, it was your denim of choice tucked simple into ankle boots. The classic combo prevailed for all occasions: work, date night, and yes, off-duty weekend dressing, too. But now, with more relaxed denim taking the forefront as the must-wear style, you may be reevaluating the outfits you once threw on without a thought. Figuring out how to tuck jeans into ankle boots the 2018 way takes a little bit of fresh inspiration — and it's way easier than it looks.

Baggier jeans may not be the first thing you consider wearing with ankle boots, but that doesn't mean the combination can't be done; it's all about resetting expectations. For fall, trendsetters are reimagining how you wear your jeans in a new (and refreshingly relaxed way). The result will involve a little scrunching and bunching at the ankle, but that's the point. Opt for a pair of boots with a bit more room at the ankle (this season's cowboy boot trend is the perfect foil), which will ensure that there's enough space to fit the extra material that comes with a baggier pair of jeans.


Also worth noting is the place at which both your jeans and boots hit you on the leg. While a super-tight cropped jean could hit a bit higher on the ankle, with a roomier fit, you run the risk of your denim being too short to actually tuck into your boots as needed. Instead, try this cool combination with denim that has a longer inseam and isn't cropped or hemmed. As for boots, anything that hits just above the ankle (or even taller, if you so desire) will work, you just want to make sure the upper is wide enough to avoid looking too jammed. Styled with more tailored pieces, say a sharp blazer, or an oversized button-down the resulting ensemble is just the right balance of relaxed and polished.

While you're by no means obligated to give up your skinny jeans, consider this your chance to tackle your favorite outfit combination in a fresh new way this year. Below, you'll find the denim and the boots needed to give this cool twist on a classic fall look a 2018 try.