How To Build The Closet Of Your Dreams


From discovering the latest trendy sandals to acquiring timeless wardrobe staples, creating a dream closet is an ever-evolving style aspiration. In partnership with The Home Depot Home Services, we're literally building out that dream closet — sharing exactly how to organize and display your amazing collection of clothes and accessories.

Whether you’re trying to make the most of a tiny apartment closet or looking to transform a spare room into a walk-in masterpiece, The Home Depot has everything you need to customize your unique space. But before you dive into the world of custom closet organization, check out these insider tips from our design expert Lori Dennis on what you should know before building the ultimate closet.

1. Understand Your Space

Before anything else, Dennis says to first consider the space you have to work with. Space can be the most limiting or the most inspiring factor in your build, and this quality will help determine the best storage combination for your home.

2. Consider Your Collection


Next, Dennis suggests taking a good look at your clothing collection and determining what items need to be stored, how many of those items you have, and which of these items need to be the most accessible. With both of these elements in mind, The Home Depot’s Home Services team of closet experts can design and build your custom closet according to your unique set of needs (whether that be extensive shelving for your collection of handbags or a floor-to-ceiling shoe rack for every last pair of sneakers).

3. For Shoes and Bags, Consider More Shelving

Shoes and bags seem to be the trickiest things to store. They range in size, shape, and style, making them seemingly impossible to keep organized and accessible — especially if you have a significant collection. Dennis suggests additional shelving for extensive shoe and bag collections because they easily display all your options at once and every item has a place to call home.

4. Embrace Trends


Believe it or not, just like clothing, the world of custom closets sees plenty of trends come and go. Some of Dennis's current favorite closet trends are lighted closet rods, rollout shelves, space for coffee, and small washer-dryers for intimates and delicates that tend to be hand-washed. Incorporating one of these unique trends is an easy way to round out the closet of your dreams and make it that much more functional.

5. Let Your Closet Grow With You

Once you've designed the closet of your dreams, rest assured it will last a lifetime. If you're worried your wardrobe might grow or change, Dennis suggests making your installation adjustable, so the configuration can be altered later on. However, "Most people don't do this and keep the same layout for 20-plus years!" Dennis says, so consider this an investment that will pay itself off for decades to come.

7. Stay Tidy


Once your closet's complete, staying organized is the only thing left to worry about, and Dennis's best tip for keeping things organized couldn't be more straightforward: "Put things away in the right locations and neatly folded or hung on the hangers." At this point, your closet has been designed according to your needs, so everything should have a home.

Dennis also suggests color coordinating similar items and getting rid of something with each new addition to the space.

Don't forget that our design expert's closet tips apply to any area of your home where you need a little shelf organization. From the kitchen pantry and laundry room to your kids' rooms and garage, The Home Depot's Home Services has you covered.

With these tips in mind, the closet of your dreams (or garage, pantry, laundry room, and more!) is just a few steps away.

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