Your Favorite Insta-Friendly Skincare Brand Finally Has A Cleanser

Courtesy of Herbivore Botanicals
Herbivore Botanicals’ new Pink Cloud Cleanser is a first for the brand

As the beauty industry progresses, skincare ingredients seem to get stranger and stranger. Algae? Yep. Bee venom? Naturally. Snail mucus? Slather it on. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Herbivore Botanicals' new Pink Cloud Cleanser harnesses the power of a fungus — the Tremella mushroom to be exact.

From its start, the Insta-favorite skincare brand has been dedicated to using natural ingredients; according to the brand's About Us page on its website, "we [Herbivore Botanicals] ethically source the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer." And for the brand's first — yes, first ever — facial cleanser, it turned to the benefits of the mighty mushroom. While cleansers can often leave the skin feeling dry or stripped, the Tremella mushroom assures that won't be a problem — it holds 500 times its weight in water.

And if that's not enough moisture retention, the $24 cleanser also includes go-to humectants rose water and coconut water (the former of which gives the product its pink-ish tint). As for actual cleansing purposes, like ridding of dirt, bacteria, and makeup, the product includes vegan, olive-derived squalane and aloe vera. Plus, with bonus ingredient white tea extract, the cleanser helps to protect skin from UV exposure and free radicals, too.

Courtesy of Herbivore Botanicals

Since the brand is clearly not straying from its nature-derived mission, you won't find any synthetic ingredients, sulfates, or added fragrances in the Pink Cloud Cleanser, either. Instead, according to an Instagram post, the brand used a "natural coconut-derived amino acid" for a preservative and a "sugar-based surfactant" for the slight foam and creamy lather.

As a response to the ongoing racial injustices in the United States, Herbivore Botanicals is combining this launch with a new mission: It will be donating $1 of every Pink Cloud Cleanser purchase from its own site to the Black Lives Matter organization through the end of 2020. "We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and are committed to continuing the fight against racial inequality in the U.S.," reads an Instagram caption from the brand.

You can shop the new cleanser on Herbivore Botanicals' website and Sephora.com as of July 14, and expect to see it on other retailers' shelves come July 31.