Gucci's Alchemy-Inspired Fragrance Line Just Welcomed In A New Member

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Gucci's Hortus Sanitatis fragrance with other perfumes from the house.
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Hortus Sanitatis. Latin for "The Garden of Health", name of a 15th-century natural history encyclopedia, title of a limited-edition Derek Ridgers photo book documenting the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 collection — and, as of Mar. 1, the name of the house's newest perfume. Created by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas and Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Gucci's Hortus Sanitatis fragrance has big shoes to fill when it comes to its storied title. But it's certainly ready for the challenge.

Retailing at $370 per 100-milliliter bottle, the fragrance joins The Alchemist’s Garden haute perfumery line, Gucci's unique take on fragrance layering. Like the previous releases, Hortus Sanitatis is inspired by the endless customization of alchemy — its own scent profile combines two unique, ambery wood notes: papyrus and cedar. Vetiver root and bright ginger round out the botanical scent, and add a dash of sharpness to the otherwise earthy blend. It's smoky, yet fresh.

However, Gucci encourages you to play with that profile, even if you do fall in love with the new perfume all on its own. Scents from The Alchemist’s Garden are formulated to be worn together, quite literally; this means you can spritz Hortus Sanitatis over a dab of Gucci's perfumed oils, on your wrist next to another eau de parfum, or beneath Gucci's acque profumate (or, "scented waters").


And like its name, the fragrance's packaging will ring a bell for Gucci fans. The antique-inspired design is similar to the house's Hortus Sanitatis book, released in 2017. Bathed in a deep turquoise, the bottle features red lettering, a gold-toned stopper, and a cat's face — "embodying the scent's sophisticated and contrasting nature," according to the perfume's product description. The bottle itself resembles something you'd find in a vintage store, as well (a running theme with The Alchemist’s Garden, and of Gucci Beauty).

Those determined to add a bottle to their own vanities can pick up the perfume exclusively at Gucci boutiques or Dover Street Market. Don't want to wait one more second? You can order the new Hortus Sanitatis fragrance online at Gucci's website below.

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