Glossier Just Donated 10,000 Units Of Its Upcoming Launch To Hospital Workers

Glossier Hand Cream arrives April 23.

Quietly, over the course of April, Glossier has been donating products. According to a blog written by Emily Weiss, founder and CEO, this has included thousands of Balm Dotcoms, Priming Moisturizers, and Soothing Face Mists — sent to hospitals like NYU Langone and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a way to support those on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. "One of the most frequent requests we’ve received during this time is for a hand cream. As it happens, our community has been asking the same thing: We’ve been working on Glossier Hand Cream for nearly two years, and have been so excited to bring it into the world this spring," wrote Weiss.

This serendipitous announcement arrived online April 14, and brought yet another donation initiative from the innovative (and immensely popular) brand. Although the Glossier Hand Cream officially launches on April 23, the brand set out to donate the first 10,000 hand creams to U.S. hospital workers. "Individuals and businesses alike are doing their best to recreate human connection virtually. But for the nurses and doctors who are gathering every day to care for patients, it makes sense to get Hand Cream to them first," Weiss continued on Glossier's website.

As you can imagine, Glossier quickly reached its goal — undoubtedly thanks to the brand's 2.7 million Instagram followers. Within the first hour of the Hand Cream donation form being posted, Glossier had reached its cap of 10,000; the brand added a note on the form that it will be "following up with the remaining applicants who are verified healthcare professionals."

"To the rest of our community: we’re excited to bring Hand Cream to you next Thursday, April 23!" added Weiss. "It's a BEAUTIFUL formula, delivered in some pretty ingenious packaging, and in addition to its heightened usefulness, we hope it brings you a little joy and comfort at a time when we could all use some."