Your Holiday Season Is About To Get Extra Luxe Thanks To This New Body Scrub & Candle Set

Courtesy of Gilded
Gilded released a new body scrub and candle scents just in time for the holidays.

Pumpkin spice will be making its exit soon enough as winter's beloved scents come waltzing in: sugar cookies, peppermint, and cranberry, to name a few. That said, this year, winter's best scents haven't just merely returned, but have actually been upgraded with a luxury spin, as evidenced in Gilded's new limited edition body scrub and holiday candles.

You perhaps already know the name Gilded thanks to the brand's widely loved marble-backed body brushes. Now, its holiday releases are here, making your bathroom even more of an idyllic self-care space. Along with an array of festive new candle scents, Gilded launched a $46 Cranberry Brightening Body Polish, the winterized version of its scrub that shares the aroma with one of winter's best treats.

The polish doesn't just smell like cranberries, though. It also has the antioxidant-heavy boost that the berry provides, too. While you'll surely enjoy the sense of relaxation that comes with a good exfoliant, issues like scars, sunspots, and even free radical damage will be addressed by the formula, which is loaded with skin-loving ingredients like vitamins C, E, and K.

Courtesy of Gilded

While you lather up your scrub, you can also light up one of the new scents available in Gilded's marble and onyx candles, which are intended to whisk you away to places that are currently out of reach. The candle inserts are zero waste and can be easily replaced after they've melted. And now you'll be able to swap them out with a handful of new scents.

In an effort to mentally transport you to gorgeous holiday locations, Gilded has released St. Moritz, A Parisian Christmas, Fire Roasted Marshmallows, and Glühwein, with a few others to soon follow. Some of the notes featured in each are sugared vanilla bean, evergreen, and red wine to name a few. You can buy all the scents in any of the three vessels — including the pink onyx, black marble, and white Carrara marble — and prepare to cozy up for the season.

Treat your loved ones, and yourself, by perusing Gilded's new heavenly scented candles and holiday scrub, below.

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