Gigi Hadid Just Debuted The Simple Hair Change Everyone Is Trying Right Now

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's something about quarantine that's been tempting makeovers. Perhaps it's boredom, or a desperate desire for something different after months spent confined to one's own four walls. One trend that's been popping up? Bangs — just not the traditional ones. While often seen as a dramatic decision requiring a certain level of commitment, Gigi Hadid's found the trendy 2020 workaround — curtain bangs. Yes, the wispy, face-framing style is having a bit of a moment. The proof is in the internet search pudding: According to Spate, in July alone, searches for "curtain bangs" shot up by 141.1%.

They're usually longer on the sides — sometimes long enough to offer the cheat of tucking them behind your ears and making it look as though you don't have bangs at all when the mood strikes.

Hadid captioned the selfie, in which she's lounging on a couch, "fresh snow fresh cut." It's a 2020 vibe, to say the least. (She tagged hairstylist Alie Hernandez.)

Hadid, however, is not the only star to embrace this trendy, '70s-inspired vibe. Just yesterday, Ashley Benson debuted a new cut by stylist Joseph Maine featuring the trend.

In October, celeb stylist Chris Appleton gave J.Lo the look, too.

In a Glamour story on the surging trend, stylist Tim Dueñas, of LA's Nine Zero One salon, offered his tips for making sure you get the look you want, saying to ask to "keep the edges longer than the middle and the ends soft starting in the center of the pupils and working to the jawline."

And of course, if you're not quite ready to make an actual cut, there's always clip-ins.

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