Felicity Jones's Red-Carpet Looks From The Last Decade Have Only Gotten Better With Time

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If there’s anyone who’s been quietly moving up the ranks of the best-dressed celebrities in Hollywood at the moment, it’s Felicity Jones. She's maintained a steady stream of work since the beginning of the decade, leading to one sartorial statement after another. As a result, Felicity Jones’s red-carpet looks have been evolving at a constant rate. And if the English actor’s ensembles from that past ten years have proven anything, it’s that her take on classic style just keeps getting better over time.

From the beginning of her career, Jones has always dressed in a way that feels timeless and polished while also holding a subtle touch of character often associated with British fashion. Whether it was in the form of a simple cap-sleeve mini dress, a perfectly tailored coordinated suit, or subtle details like lace or beading, The Aeronauts start has undoubtedly taken to classic fashion like a fish to water.

The actor received an Oscar nomination for her role in The Theory of Everything and with the addition of more complex and challenging characters her red carpet style was bound to evolve, too. In fact, Jones recently told Bustle that she wore nearly 150 dresses leading up to the 2015 Academy Awards, which has surely secured her spot as one to watch on the red carpet. However, for the ceremony itself, she landed on an intricately beaded Alexander McQueen dress that the mom-to-be later revealed was so heavy, co-star Eddie Redmayne had to help her stand up. And with several other projects in the pipeline, it can only be expected that Jones’s sartorial decisions for the award show season ahead will remain true to her elevated aesthetic.

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