Everlane’s New Line Of Denim Is 2018’s Answer To Stretchy Jeans

Courtesy of Everlane

Let's take it back to 2005. I had just bought my first pair of stretchy, skinny jeans and they were quite a departure from the weighty, denim flares and boot cut styles I was used to. I questioned whether the trend was going to stick around, but what I wanted answered more urgently was — will I always have to put my stretchy jeans in the dryer at the end of the day? Cut to 2018 — the launch of Everlane's new Authentic Stretch denim answers the age-old problems of stretchy jeans.

Though styles have evolved through the years, the conversation around stretch denim has remained the same. Yes, they may provide comfort, but often at the cost of fit and fabric. Everlane's new denim group aims to remedy this by giving us the best of both worlds. The line looks to cure the craving for comfortable, figure-hugging jeans without compromising the desire to have them look and feel like authentic denim.

Launching Sept. 5, a year from the direct-to-consumer brand's first foray into the denim world, the new denim group consists of three versatile styles. Available in sizes 23-33, each style comes in multiple washes from a classic blue to a more edgy, washed black. And ranging from $68-$78, they all ring in under $100.

From fabric authenticity to stretch retention down to the details of stitching and hardware, Everlane took into account each piece of the puzzle to create jeans that you'll want to wear from morning until night. "Unlike most stretch denim," Everlane's press release reads, "ours is made with a unique yarn that has high stretchability — so it lifts, snaps back, and never bags out." Finally, you can stop throwing your stretchy jeans into the dryer after every single use.

What makes Everlane's denim even more enticing is the company's commitment to ethical practices. "Like the rest of Everlane’s denim offering, Authentic Stretch is made at the world’s cleanest denim factory, Saitex, which recycles 98 percent of its water, relies on alternative energy sources, repurposes byproducts, and uses innovative air-drying methods to create premium jeans — minus the waste," a brand representative for Everlane tells TZR.

Everlane's classic tees, cozy sweaters (I generally wear this one at least once a week in winter), and affordable denim are all wardrobe MVPs. If a new pair of jeans is on your fall shopping list, these are the styles you should definitely consider adding to your cart.