Why ELEMIS’ Newest Collection Is Its Most Powerful Yet


When it comes to the chemistry of skincare ingredients — especially ones that actually change the texture of your skin — clinical studies can be necessary. So, before the brand released the ELEMIS Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen collection, it did its research. No one could have predicted the studies' results, though; ELEMIS found that its new wrinkle-erasing collection was seriously powerful, even for the top luxury British skincare brand. 100 percent of people agreed that products from the collection faded lines and wrinkles, boosted skin elasticity, and noticeably firmed and tightened skin.

"With Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen, ELEMIS has developed our highest performing formulas that we’ve ever seen," reads a quote by Noella Gabriel, ELEMIS President and Co-Founder, in a press email. "The range is the ultimate fusion of everything we believe in — science, nature, and real, tangible results." ELEMIS even has a promise listed on both product pages: The brand claims you'll visibly see results in just 28 days.

As you may already suspect, these types of results aren't easy to come by without spending a little bit of money. The Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen collection technically has three products: The Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Complex 12 Serum, which retails for $335, and the Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo, two day and night treatments retailing together for $230.


However, reviewers are already saying both releases are well worth their luxury price tags. The eye treatment duo has been awarded a five-star rating already, too — though with how clever the product design is, that shouldn't be a surprise. Both of the algae and orange African Bulbine-infused treatments from the duo work together to give that "eye lift" look: the Morning Eye Balm de-puffs and brightens, with a texture that seals itself beneath any makeup you apply after. The Evening Eye Cream packs on the moisture, using a slow-release technique to hydrate the skin around your eyes over time.


Meanwhile, the Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen serum is applied before any moisturizers both evening and morning. The concentrate is formulated with 12 macro and micro algae, which increase skin's resiliency and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Trying to figure out how algae boosts your skin? All in all, the collection's ingredients support the collagen — which as you undoubtedly know, is a substance responsible for bouncy, glowing skin — already present in your face.

Ahead, both of the new releases from ELEMIS' Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen collection.