ELEMIS Added A New Skin-Smoothing Peel To Its Pro-Collagen Collection

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel in model's hand.

To know the luxury skincare brand ELEMIS is to know its Pro-Collagen collection. Typically packaged in pale teal bottles and jars, the best-selling, skin-smoothing product line has been around for decades. (The Pro-Collagen Marine Cream launched in 2003, for the curious.) But the latest expansion — the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel and Energising Marine Cleanser — only arrived on Aug. 17.

Still, the former's timing is pretty perfect, in the grand scheme of things. The $110 at-home peel is formulated similarly to the Pro-Collagen line; as in, it's expertly blended together to smooth lines or wrinkles for those after a firmer, smoother look. This is accented by the peel's skin-exfoliating nature — ELEMIS included an 8 percent mix of lactobionic, asiatic, and mandelic acids to deeply and chemically remove any dead cells holding your skin's potential moisture levels back. The mix also helps up skin smoothness, too, as well as clarity. Because, why not?

And, since this is ELEMIS, your skin won't be left reeling after you apply the at-home peel. The brand included its trademark seaweed, padina pavonica, and the algae chlorella to keep skin soft and moisturized; if you've tried the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, know that it includes both ingredients. (Tingling and redness are still regular occurrences though, as with any AHA product.)


Not so into intense exfoliation experiences? The Energising Marine Cleanser is a lower-key way to introduce similar acids into your routine. The $62 cleanser is formulated with succinic and lactic acids, which do the whole chemical exfoliation dance — removing dead skin cells, creating a glow — while acai-derived ferulic acid actually acts as a hydrator. Padina pavonica makes another appearence in this one, too.


It's even easier to use than the peel, as you can probably guess. Since it's in the form of a cleanser, just massage it into your damp skin as normal, lather it up with extra water, and rinse it off. The chemical exfoliants will take the lead from there.

However way you exfoliate, you can find both new options on ELEMIS' website as of Aug. 17. Ahead, both the new ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel and the Energising Marine Cleanser.

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