If You Love Drybar, You'll Need Its Clever New Hair Dryer

Drybar's new Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

Remember when you first stumbled upon Drybar's Buttercup Blow Dryer at Sephora, and realized you could DIY the brand's famous blowouts? Although your at-home results may not be the exact same — chalk it up to Drybar's magic touch — the lightweight blow dryer's quirky yellow exterior and shine-boosting ionic technology quickly made waves in the beauty community. But now, six years after the brand first debuted its product line in 2013, it's time for Drybar's new Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush to steal the spotlight.

Because seriously, you can trust that it's going to. The brand-new Double Shot launched on Drybar's website Nov. 19, and combines two staple blowout tools: A really good blow dryer (see: Drybar's iconic Buttercup) and a round brush. You know, the brush you have to strategically whip around your hair at various angles each time you want to dry it into any uniform shape.

Drybar's Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush sends that styling struggle packing — and at $150, costs less than the OG Buttercup, too. The new tool uses the same hair-drying, cuticle-sealing ionic technology, but packages it up in a round brush shape, combining two steps into one sleek tool that clocks in at less than a pound.

The new tool comes packed with a blend of enviable blow dryer and brush amenities — such as a nylon-and-tufted bristle combination, or its built-in temperature settings ("Cool", "Medium", and "High", for those wondering). It even was designed with vents that maximize airflow, since a faster blowout means less potential hair damage and more time snoozing before work.

And just in case you already own a blow dryer you adore, the Double Shot comes with one more reason to buy it: You can use the tool to extend the life of any preexisting blowouts. To smooth your current style, you just need to slip the Double Shot through your dry hair, and it'll add another dose of volumized, polished perfection.

To test out the clever new tool for yourself, visit Drybar's website to order online — or pre-order online from Sephora Nov. 21 and swing by a Drybar location starting Dec. 9 (according to Drybar's official Instagram page). Below, Drybar's new Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush.