Credo's New Beauty Brand Features 43 Shades Of Foundation — That’s Also Clean & Sustainable

Courtesy of Exa
Credo's new beauty brand, Exa, is proof that makeup can fulfill the holy trinity of inclusivity, cle...

Today's foundation market could be likened to a minefield in that even the seemingly perfect ones get away with having severe pitfalls. Limit yourself to those that are strictly sustainable, clean, and inclusive and you're left with very little — though as of today, there's at least one more that would make the cut. That's Exa, the new beauty brand that looks to be taking on every problem with the industry at once.

Credo Beauty's new private label launched August 7 with 43 shades of foundation — not quite as many as Fenty's Pro Filt'r, MAC's Studio Fix, or Morphe's Fluidity, but still double the number offered by your average "clean" range, a press release from the brand says. Making good on its mission to "bring more color to clean beauty so everyone can play," Credo's concept for Exa is, dare say, as ambitious as its name.

The name is reportedly inspired by the largest unit of measure (one quintillion, 10 to the 19th power, 1 with *18* zeros behind it). "We chose it because our range is big, our impact is bigger and our inclusivity is Exa," the press release says.

Its debut High Fidelity Foundation is a nasty-free blend of microalgae, maqui berry, and hyaluronic acid, all working together to provide buildable, long-lasting pigment in a semi-satin finish.

Courtesy of Exa

It works best on skin prepped with Exa's (also new, 97 percent natural) Jump Start Smoothing Primer and when applied with Jenny Patinkin's Pure Luxury Makeup Sponges, according to Credo's lead makeup artist Katey Denno. And because "clean" these days is synonymous with sustainability, the formula comes in "eco-as-possible packaging," meaning most of it is made from reclaimed materials that can be either recycled or composted after use.

Credo Beauty is calling its new brand "a pioneer in the clean category," one that could set the precedent for clean, sustainable, affordable, inclusive beauty that actually works ~and~ gives back to the community. Exa vows to donate a portion of its proceeds to Women's Voices of the Earth, an environmental organization that aims to eliminate harmful chemicals in cosmetics and household products. You can find Exa's new foundation and primer at Credo Beauty or ExaBeauty.com.

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