Cover FX’s Foray Into Lip Color Features A Matte Formula You’ll Actually Want To Wear

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Courtesy of Cover FX
Cover FX just launched its very first lip product.
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Fans of matte lipstick often have to grapple with the fact that a few hours of flawless velvet lips will often end in flaky, peeling skin, and as satisfying as a good flat finish is, it's not always worth it. But thankfully, a brand that's known for its face makeup (see: effective primers and dewy face drops) decided to launch its first-ever lip product and conquer this problem at the same time. Kicking this issue to the curb is the Cover FX Monochromatic Lip Color, which provides a selection of neutral hues that leave you with a perfectly tinted (and moisturized) pout.

Liquid in consistency, these new lipsticks ($21) dry as a soft, blurred matte and aim to prevent the expected dry lips post-wear. To do this, they're boosted with an infusion of vitamins C and E, helping protect your skin and leave it feeling moisturized, even with a layer of color on. And speaking of color, this hydrating shade range contains just six options and errs on the side of minimalism.

Cover FX kept dramatic reds and other bold colors out of the collection and instead turned to gentle, neutral shades like Soft Peach, Pink Dahlia, and Mojave Mauve, which encapsulate the corals and pinks of the line. And swatches of its Warm Honey, Spiced Cinnamon, and Sweet Mulberry you'll notice lean toward deeper nudes and berries.

Courtesy of Cover FX
Courtesy of Cover FX

To see how the colors and finish work firsthand, Madge Maril, a Shopping News Writer for The Zoe Report, tested out the new formulas. "I don't wear a lot of liquid lipstick anymore, but like many of us, that was a gateway makeup product for me back in the early 2010s," Maril tells me. "I think Cover FX's formula could be really stellar for beginners — it's thinner than a lot of liquid lips I've tried, which made it easier for me to spread. It dries down within minutes, but there's still wiggle room to touch up lines; and again, the formula is flexible, so you don't feel like you're caking on layer after layer of lipstick."

They also appreciated that its staying power didn't put up a fight against their makeup remover. "I didn't have to use a heavy-duty cleanser or scrub to remove it, either, which is a plus because that alone can make me want to avoid a liquid lip."

You can purchase the lip colors on Cover FX's website now or at Ulta Beauty starting Sept. 8. Below, browse all six of the new shades.

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