Code8's New Global Ambassador, Alexa Chung, On "No-Brainer" Beauty

Courtesy of Code8
Alexa Chung is Code8's new Global Ambassador.

Alexa Chung is a modern Renaissance woman. Her career spans from television to YouTube, modeling to designing — and as of May 28, the multi-hyphenate has put on another très chic hat. Alexa Chung is Code8's new Global Ambassador, a move that makes sense according to Chung. “When it comes to doing my own face every day, I have a more simple approach. But that’s why I think that Code8 were keen to choose me, because that’s kind of aligned with their theory on it," she tells TZR over the phone. "The women that started the brand were kind of overwhelmed by what was available on the market and slightly intimidated by heading to Sephora or department stores where there’s just a huge array of different counters, and not really knowing what you’re meant to be doing in there."

Code8 isn't about that life. Available on Net-a-Porter's website here in the states, the London-born beauty brand offers the sort of luxe makeup essentials that anyone, regardless of their routine, can get on board with. "You take their blusher for example — which I put on today, which is called Rosé — it’s just like a bit of a no-brainer. It’s just not intimidating to use. The same with the Beauty Balm, you just put it on and you kind of can’t really f*ck it up because the formula itself is very lightweight and it really sits well on the skin," explains Chung. "There’s room for error with their products, so you don’t end up looking caked in makeup. They’ve got a light touch."

Courtesy of Code8

It's a concept that will undoubtedly resonate now more than ever, as quarantine beauty routines continues to rock the industry. "It’s a democratizing time in general, isn’t it?" says Chung. "Everyone’s having to learn what their prop was before. Definitely mine was a cat-eye, but in lockdown and quarantine I’ve felt no desire to put that on. I’m kind of like curling my lashes and using a lip balm."

Courtesy of Code8

Speaking of balm. Code8's new Glazé Universal Lip Gloss — a warm, natural pink shade named Spyglass — stars in the campaign alongside Chung. "It’s just kind of one, peachy hue. It’s very easy to put on, it’s got a nice consistency to it. And I’m not like a huge fan of lip gloss, so I was surprised by how when I put it on, it wasn’t like the lip gloss I remember from the ‘90s,” notes the ambassador. "Instead, it’s like a very rich balm. So it’s like having hydrating lip balm on but, you know, in a slightly more glamorous way."

Which is the perfect amount of glamour for 2020. Visit Code8's website to see the new campaign, and keep on scrolling to pick up your own Glazé Universal Lip Gloss.

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