Cocokind Is Donating All Profits To Support Black Lives Matter, The NAACP, & More Organizations All Week

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cocokind is donating all profits to support the Black Lives Matter movement the first week of June

In efforts to support the demands for systemic change and protests spurred by the tragic losses in the Black community, including Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many more, many brands are working to ensure multiple non-profits, businesses, and social activist groups are getting the donations needed to take action against police violence and systemic racism and support Black communities. Helping out in its own unique way, clean beauty brand cocokind will donate all profits from its website the first week of June to seven different organizations that are especially pertinent.

Starting June 1 and running until June 7, the profits from all purchases on cocokind's website will be given to a different group each day of the week. The range of organizations the brand is donating to take action against white supremacy, dedicate time to Black empowerment and leadership, and contribute to policy making and education, among other causes. The lineup started with Black Lives Matter, the recipient of day one's profits. The foundation has many missions but prioritizes eliminating white supremacy and empowering communities to stop state-sanctioned violence.

On day two, cocokind selected to send profits to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a group that works to create a society where race doesn't determine rights. Recently, the NAACP started the campaign #WeAreDoneDying as a call to take action against the brutal killings of Black Americans. On June 3, the profits will be donated to the Black AIDS Institute, a group that strives to end the Black HIV epidemic and offers care resources and information to people affected by the virus. June 4, profits will go to the Bay Area Black Owned Business Relief Fund, which plans to give money to 10 different Black business owners in the San Francisco area, and June 5 profits will go to Reclaim the Block, an organization working to move money from the Minneapolis police department to other parts of the city's budget.

The final two groups of the week are Black Visions Collective, an organization working to develop Minnesota's Black leadership and dismantle systems of oppression and violence; and Campaign Zero, a platform that's working to eliminate police violence through limiting police interventions and ensuring accountability. Cocokind's idea for a donation-based week follows two noteworthy moments from the brand. Over the weekend, it donated $10,000 to ACLU and also posted a list highlighting Black-owned beauty brands, which you can find to support and shop here.

Shop directly through cocokind's website June 1 through June 7 to benefit one of these organizations.

Editor's note: This post originally stated that cocokind would be donating profits to the Southern Poverty Law Center on June 3. The organization it is donating to on June 3 has since changed to the Black AIDS Institute, and the story has been updated to reflect that.

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