Charlotte Tilbury’s New Supermodel Lipstick Is The ‘90s Throwback You’ll Actually Want To Wear


Let’s face it: As much as today’s fashion and beauty launches seem to be a melting pot of trends from all corners of the industry, there are always those key decades that have a way of making their way back into the mix — and multiple times, at that. Take a look at the ‘70s and ‘80s, two decades that the industry simply can’t get enough of at the moment. More notably, though, is the ‘90s, a decade that seems long in the past despite feeling too close to home to be considered vintage. And yet lately, the era of the supermodel has been an inspiration for a number of looks and products, including Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Lipsticks.

It seems like only yesterday faces of ‘90s models such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and more were splashed on nearly every advertisement. With bold features and an unparalleled level of striking confidence, a ‘90s supermodel was a force to be reckoned with. Now, Charlotte Tilbury is taking that effervescent energy so specific to the time and putting into the form of a matte lipstick, giving any present-day woman the opportunity to channel the ‘90s and create her own supermodel-worthy moments.

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While you might be hesitant to take on (or return to) some of the ‘90s trends that have been making comebacks as of late, these lipsticks are a nostalgic beauty product you’ll actually want to wear. Inspired by the iconic ‘90s supermodel era, Charlotte Tilbury’s signature Matte Revolution lipsticks come in a collection of three different shades, available for $34. In this limited-edition release, you’ll find a classic rosy nude named Super Model, a slightly warmer nude-rouge known as Super Sexy, and a classic ‘90s nude-brown aptly titled Super Nineties. If you want to have a full lip look, you also have the option to buy the Luscious Lip Slick, which costs $52 and is available in all three colors.

If you’re ready to look and feel like a classic ‘90s supermodel, scroll down to shop the gorgeous matte lipsticks that will take you back to the cool decade of sheer minimalism.

Matte Revolution Super Nineties


Charlotte Tilbury

It doesn't get more '90s than a tawny brown lipstick shade. Wear this when you want to go for a full beauty look from the decade.

Matte Revolution Super Model


Charlotte Tilbury

A true nude with a hint of rose, this matte lipstick will give you a pretty look that's perfect for everyday occasions.

Matte Revolution Super Sexy


Charlotte Tilbury

This matte shade carries a slightly deeper red tint to it, which will give you a dressier look without feeling too formal.