How These Women Founders Are Changing The Way You Think About Self-Care

Courtesy of Favour
A model holding a CBD Gum Brand Favour

Whether you were already partaking in a self-quarantine with a generous amount of social distance or your city has implemented a stay-at-home mandate, chances are you’ve started to settle into your at-home routine. As you spend less time getting ready for the day and more time in your coziest ensembles, the first thing on your mind — after your everyday responsibilities, of course — is probably self-care. Things may feel uncertain and out of your hands at the moment, but if there’s one way to lift your spirits (and maintain your sanity along the way), it’s by focusing on your personal needs. And when you’re giving yourself a lush bubble bath and a hydrating face mask, take your self-care to the next level with the CBD gum brand — Favour.

CBD products are nothing new to the wellness industry, but Favour — which was designed to make you feel good anytime and anywhere — will be a game-changing and seamless addition to your self-care routine. Founded by mother-daughter duo Jamie and Gigi Grimstad and their family friend Margaret Bastick Luce, Favour’s #1 priority is reliability, which is found in how its gum delivers CBD to the body.

Favour’s founders opted to make a gum for its dependability and efficacy, as they found through studies that oral delivery was proven to be more effective than ingestion and other forms of CBD application. In other words, this gum can easily replace all of those balms, gummies, drinks, and more, simplifying your wellness routine to the necessities.

Courtesy of Favour

Using the format of chewing gum, Favour delivers higher bioavailability of CBD to the bloodstream and can work itself in your body up to five times faster than when you ingest pills or capsules, giving you more out of the CBD experience. Plus, it keeps your breath fresh — and who wouldn’t want that?

The brand’s $19.99 Favour Gum pack comes with eight mint-flavored gum tablets that each hold 10mg of CBD. Once you’ve tried it out and have decided you like having it on-hand all the time, you can opt for two subscription options: three packs for $59.97 or six packs for $119.94.

If you’re ready to give this CBD chewing gum a try, scroll down to shop Favour below.