BaubleBar's New Collection Brings The '90s Trend To A Whole New Level

Courtesy of Baublebar

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to have a leg up on the latest trends or you take each fad as it comes, everyone can agree that the return of the ‘90s has had a lasting effect on today’s fashion. More likely than not, the iconic decade of supermodels and slip dresses has infiltrated your wardrobe in one way or another. And if you’re looking to take your ‘90s-inspired ensembles up a notch, BaubleBar’s new collection is tapping into one of the biggest jewelry trends from the decade: beads.

BaubleBar has become a popular choice among the fashion-obsessed, thanks to its knack for tackling the biggest jewelry and accessory trends of the moment. From bold, acrylic earrings to minimalist-approved necklaces and bracelets — not to mention trendy phone cases — it’s clear to see that the affordable accessory brand knows exactly what it’s doing. And every time it launches a new lineup of pieces, you know it’s going to be good.

After launching the now sold out $60 Pisa Bracelet Set — which is the brand’s best-selling item — BaubleBar has expanded to create a full Pisa collection, which includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, a headband, and more. The collection also features customizable options featuring the nostalgic letter beads you may have used to create friendship bracelets during your childhood.

Courtesy of BaubleBar

While you can always get yourself one of the classic Pisa Bracelets — which range from $18 to $22 and come in different sizes — if you want to add an unexpected addition to your wrist, go for the Custom Multi Pisa Beaded Bracelet, which is available for $30. And for those who prefer an edgier option, you can get the Custom Black Pisa Beaded Bracelet instead.

Keeping up with the trend of ‘90s nostalgia, the $36 Custom Multi Pisa Necklace will look great next to anyone’s minimalist styles. And if you prefer to wear something that feels more elevated, opt for the $42 Small Pisa Necklace.

BaubleBar’s best-selling Pisa Bracelet Set may have been the first of the collection to make its way into jewelry collections everywhere, but if you want something that feels more unique, opt for the Floral Pisa Bracelet, $24. Looking for another bracelet like the original set you can wear with your other pieces? The $42 Pearl Pisa Bracelet Set will be just what you need. Plus, they take on the most popular jewelry trend of the moment in one of the simplest ways.

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