A New Skin Hydrator Has Joined Augustinus Bader's Very Luxe Line

Augustinus Bader
The Face Oil from Augustinus Bader in bottle.

Blue isn't an uncommon color in the skincare industry, but dark blue — oceanic and almost navy — brings to mind one brand in particular: Augustinus Bader. The rich hue isn't an accident, either, as the recyclable glass bottles and jars are designed to protect the ingredients inside them. After all, if you're going to spend $230 on the new Augustinus Bader The Face Oil, you want that formula under lock and key.

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Launched on Aug. 19 via the luxury beauty brand's website, the new face oil joins the ranks of other Augustinus Bader moisturizers, such as The Cream and Rich Cream. "We wanted to offer our customers the option between a rich cream, a light cream, and now, an oil, so they can select the texture that works best for their facial skincare routine," noted a quote from Augustinus Bader himself in a press release. "Each of these offerings contains our specialized compound TFC8, which transport natural mechanisms for skin repair. As long as you have one product with TFC8, you will see results."

It's a big promise, but Augustinus Bader — both the brand and the professor behind it — have the science to back it up. TFC8, also known as the Trigger Factor Complex, is a patented exclusive to the brand, developed from amino acids, vitamins, and other molecules that are regularly found in skin. Because of this, TFC8 encourages your skin's natural environment, as well as its own repair process; basically, triggering skin to get to work, ergo reducing hyperpigmentation and lines while reinforcing the skin barrier.

Courtesy of Augustinus Bader

In addition to the high-tech ingredient, the brand also layered in a myriad of oils, creating a multifunctional base: babassu, argan, hazelnut, karanja, grape seed, and jojoba oils are all in play. Many offer their own benefits, too — such as the antimicrobial properties of karanja oil, or the essential fatty acids found in the cold-pressed again oil.

And, since this is Augustinus Bader, expect the new launch to walk that fine line between quick absorption and long-lasting moisture; one of the most important factors for a face oil. Below, the new oil from Augustinus Bader, officially available as of Aug. 19.

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