Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Ultra-Thin, Reusable Nipple Covers

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everybody has one — a dress or a top that was bought rapturously, yet, once home, hangs unworn in the closet. And there's often a pretty simple reason why: The right undergarment remains elusive. Whether you're trying out the scarf-as-top trend or you're smitten with asymmetrical necklines, embracing nipple covers can be an inspired move. Yet not all nipple adhesives are created equal. Perhaps that's why Bristol Six's Nippies 'The Ultimate Nipple Cover' have everyone from Amazon reviewers to fashion experts — Rachel Zoe included — singing their praises.

Not only are these smooth silicone pasties ultra thin and lightweight, they also mold to your breast's natural curves so they stay completely flush with the skin (no ridges!). One Amazon reviewer raved, "The tapered edge allows you to wear silk thin clothing and it looks like there is nothing under it."

Available in light and dark skin tones, and in both adhesive or non-adhesive options, the Nippies skins are made from hypoallergenic, ergonomically shaped medical grade silicone that's incredibly long-lasting — even the adhesive option is designed to be worn up to 30 times (following the simple hand-washing instructions). In fact, many reviewers commented that their adhesive skins lasted well beyond that. "I've used these for two years now — primarily in the summer with tank tops/backless dresses- and they are AMAZING!! I think next year I'll have to buy a new set, but seriously, these are the best," gushed one fan.

If you've lost faith in nipple covers in the past because they've peeled off at inopportune times, you can take comfort knowing that once on, the Nippies skins really, really stay put. As one fan noted: "These are by far the best, most comfortable, and breathable sets out there. They stay on all day, sometimes 12+ hours and do not irritate me." Another reviewer commented, "Yes they stick to you like glue but they never came off after a week of dancing and daily activities on vacation in Panama."

Designed not to reflect light, these matte nipple covers are "paparazzi-proof," meaning they won't show up in a picture taken with a flash. They're available in two sizes, with the small size designed for A through C cups, and the larger size designed for D+ cups. Both sizes are rather large in diameter, a surprise to some at first. The small measures 3.25-inches wide and the large measures 4.25 inches. Yet, that was an intentional design choice: The larger surface area helps shape and give a slight lift for smoother coverage.

"Loved these!! I have a large chest and had to wear these under a thin backless dress. They were undetectable! They don’t show the obvious ring under clothing that other, smaller diameter covers often do," wrote one reviewer.

If you're wondering what shade to select, or you think you're in between shades, the brand advises that you go lighter since breasts tend to be lighter than other parts of the body.

With their sleek travel case and affordable price tag (just $25 for a pair that can reused again and again), it's no wonder that these nipple adhesives have gained something of a cult following online.

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