Allswell Just Launched Candles For The Mid-Century Modern Lover


Mid-century modern enthusiasts have a funny way of letting the style drip into every part of their home. It might start with a stylish bar cart, sure, but in a matter of months you'll realize you're sleeping on a platform bed, eating off of vintage plates, and care deeply about the finer points of teak furniture maintenance. And even if you aren't quite at this level of mid-century modern enthusiasm — yet — Allswell's new candles will still thrill the design devotee in you. Though really, what else could you expect from the mattress-turned-home decor brand?

Debuted online June 22, the new collection features Allswell's first-ever candle, crafted using a hand-poured coconut wax blend infused with both synthetic fragrance and essential oils. Six scents are available for the inaugural launch, ranging from the woodsy Silver Birch and Cade to the oceanic Hyacinth and Sea Salt. Candle colors are coordinated to match the vibe of the fragrance; for example, the Basil Sage and Grapefruit candle is a pretty, muted nectarine.

Regardless of which one you choose — and if you go with the double-wick or triple-wick size — all of the new candles are under $30 a pop. The 11 ounce candles retail at $14, while the 16 ounce versions are $25. A bounty of clever design features unify the collection, as well: The tumbler itself features a no-residue label you can effortlessly peel off once you've burned through the candle, allowing for easy upcycling.


Which you'll actually want to do, thanks to the candle's modern design. The larger versions come with a chic wooden base that props the candle up; think of the tapered mid-century modern table legs you've seen all over Pinterest, then add that to a candle. It's a little feature that'll help the minimalist candles pop wherever you set them, whether that's on top of a stack of Scandinavian coffee table books or squeezed onto a cluttered bedside table's spare corner.

Basically, you now have an excuse to add another candle to your collection. Ahead, all six scents from Allswell's new candle collection.

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