9 Cool Stylists To Follow On Instagram Right This Second


For many, Instagram has shifted from a social media platform to an all-purpose destination that inspires and informs every niche interest you subscribe to. You can bookmark ideas for your wedding, locate the best avocado toast in your neighborhood, and even see what your favorite celebrities are wearing to get their weekend coffees. If you're a fashion fanatic then under your list of 'Following' is likely an assortment of buzzworthy brands, photographers, models, and influencers. But, one group that can be easily missed (and should definitey be on your radar) is fashion stylists — especially those up-and-coming in the industry. These women and men have exclusive access to not only a slew of drool-worthy clothing and accessories, but they also work side-by-side with all of those photographers, models, and the ilk mentioned before.

Though typically behind the scenes, stylists are often the brains behind your favorite red carpet looks and magazine editorials. In other words, they are worth keeping tabs on. They're also responsible for staying ahead of trends and brands, so they may help you to grow your wardrobe too. Ahead, nine stylists to follow on Instagram right now and an inspired shopping pick for each to reinvigorate your wardrobe for the season ahead.

Doria Santlofer, @doriasantlofer

Santlofer's masterful use of high-impact colors and volume is swiftly cementing her status as one of the most exciting creatives of the moment. Her editorials exhibit a lighthearted youthfulness that makes fashion feel as it should — fun. Follow to see her recent work for publications ranging from indie favorites like Wonderland and Violet Book all the way to Goliaths including Allure and Glamour.

Courtney Madison, @courtneymadison_

The Los Angeles-based stylist has an impressive roster of clients including Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Mindy Kaling. Add her to your feed for an update on her recent work plus an inside look at her wanderlust-inducing life around the globe, which typically involves a beachy landscape of sorts.

Sissy Sainte-Marie Chacon, @sissysaintemarie

If you have a penchant for refined elegance with a side of eccentricity, then give that follow button an affirmative tap. Her work employs a muted color palette and architectural lines, often on the more voluminous side. Her recent editorials and personal style have aligned nicely with the modesty trend that's responsible for all of the prairie dress and high-neck blouses you've been seeing everywhere.

Rachael Wang, @rachaelwangstudio

You won't find any personal style shots on Wang's Instagram account, but what you will discover is an inspiring curation of her work for brands like Mara Hoffman and Nanushka and insider publications including Document Journal and Rouge FashionBook. Wang doesn't shy away from adventurous choices, but also knows how to put together an effortlessly cool looking outfit that makes you want to snag it for your own wardrobe. She's also a champion for sustainable, ethical fashion — always a bonus.

Sarah Slutsky, @sarahslutsky

If you live for a behind-the-scenes snap of a pile of drool-inducing heels or a rack full of gorgeous gowns then head over to Slutsky's account. She dresses some of the top celebrities in the film, television, and music industries with past and present clients including Emma Watson, Debra Messing, Rachel Brosnahan, and more. Her personal style also happens to be inspiring as well and her stunning red hair is just icing on the fashionable cake that is this lovable New York-based stylist.

Neelo Noory, @neelonoory

For a refreshing take on fashion that doesn't rely on current trends, head over to this Los Angeles-based stylist's account. Noory's work marries streetwear grit with high-octane touches that'll have you pressing the bookmark button on a regular basis. While you're there, buy one of her collage-printed tees; $10 are donated to Planned Parenthood and they'll give your outfit an eye-grabbing pop of color.

Leah Adicoff, @leahadicoff

Adicoff’s account is an edgy assortment of editorial and celebrity work that'll spark inspiration in your own wardrobe. Having dressed everyone from Haim to Andrew Garfield to Emily Ratajowksi, it's safe to say she's one to watch.

Megan Gray, @meganbowmangray

You won't run short on inspiration if you give Gray a follow. Her work spans across genres including costume design and thought-provoking magazine editorials. Plus, her photos with her daughter are enough to melt your heart.

Rebecca Dennett, @rebeccadennett

This British stylist is certainly worth a follow if you fancy discovering new brands and learning fresh ways to style everyday staples. Add her to your feed for insider snaps and stunning editorials and never look back.