9 New Swimsuits For 2019 That Feel Nostalgic In The Best Way


The vintage-inspired details you've watched permeate ready-to-wear are alive and well in swimwear this season, too — regardless of your preferred decade. The inspiration for 2019's new swimsuits starts in the '50s and doesn't stop until the '90s. Yet, these aren't the same one pieces and bikinis you wore back in the day; popular swimwear brands beloved by the fashion community — like OOKIOH, Anemone, and Monday Swimwear, to name a few — have elevated virtually all of the throwback trends. The result? Stylish swimwear that's a little bit nostalgic, a tad cheeky, and definitely contemporary enough to wear on vacation this summer.

No one could be surprised to see the '90s take over beaches and pools across the world — it's a trend that just won't quit. And not to mention the fact that '90s details like miniature florals, square necklines, and tie-dye seem like they were made for swimwear; and somehow seem that much more elevated when translated into a sleek one piece.

Not so sure? Anemone's $295 square neck one piece will convince you. Though anyone that lived through the decade's fashion scene — or is heavily invested in the era's style now that it's come back around — may be able to instantly recognize the silhouette, Anemone makes sure to note in the product description that the suit was inspired by "a dress Kate Moss wore in 1995". (You don't have to tell us which one it is, Anemone, but Moss' 1995 Met Gala dress by Calvin Klein comes to mind.)

Solid & Striped

You can still get into the retro vibe, sans '90s throwbacks, too; belted swimsuits and bikinis are having just as big of a moment. You'll spot the '70s styles at FELLA, & Other Stories, and Solid & Striped. Adorably named "The Jean", Solid & Striped's gingham bikini is much more elevated and chic than it is sweet and cute: It combines the high-waisted belted look with an already nostalgic pattern, but zooms in on the gingham, letting it appear almost abstract at times. Pair just the bottoms with a solid bikini top you already own for $89, or get the entire set for $178.

Whether you embrace that trend, or grab a hot pink one piece straight from the '80s, or snag a suit that looks like you raided Kate Moss' closet — you're almost ready for summer. All that's left is to figure out which one you need. For that, keep scrolling down; nine new — but nostalgic — swimsuits are ahead.