9 Decor Gifts From Zara Home For Your Friend Who’s Constantly Updating Their Space


Every friend group has the one friend who's constantly decorating. Whether it's switching out their pumpkin-themed table linens for ones embroidered with snowflakes the day after Thanksgiving, or if you can count on never seeing their living room arranged the same way twice, it's surprisingly hard to find the right gift for someone that loves home decor. Home decor styles move fast these days, and no one wants to accidentally gift someone their equivalent to the Friends greyhound statue. But there are plenty of foolproof home decor gifts from Zara Home certain to win a place on display in your friend's artistically styled space — no matter their decorating style.

Don't get too caught up in spending time trying to guess what throw pillow your friend would pick out of a hundred: A key point is making it just as much of a gift from you as it is something you think they'll love to have in their home. Do you and your friend bond over being dedicated plant parents? Pick them up one of Zara Home's pale stoneware pitchers for $49.90 to simplify watering. The pitcher is pretty enough to be left out by the plants instead of hidden under the sink and will remind your friend of you every time they use it.

Another option is to gift them home decor that compliments what they already own. Rather than adding another candle to the collection of someone who already owns more than they can count, buy your friend a gold wick trimmer for $19.90. The posh accessory not only will make your friend's luxury candle collection look even more sophisticated, it also shows them that you appreciate how dedicated they are to keeping their space (and candles) beautiful.

Most people already own the staple decor pieces they want, like duvet covers or rugs — but that doesn't mean you can't get your friend a statement textile piece. Skip something static in favor of a throw blanket that will lend itself anywhere. Chances are one of the muted colors in this jacquard wool and cotton blanket will go along with your friend's chosen color scheme. Since the geometric blanket is marked down from $139 to $99.90, your friend will probably understand if you have to pick one up for yourself.

Still stumped? Opt for buying one of Zara Home's simple picture frames. With a chain for hanging and a stand for when it's not, this vintage-inspired gold picture frame for $29.90 is versatile, letting your friend make the choice as to where it ends up. The open design is ideal for displaying mementos from experiences you've shared together, too, like movie ticket stubs or concert tickets.

At the end of the day, it's the thought that counts, but Zara Home has a way of making every thought that much more beautiful. Ahead, nine decor gifts from Zara Home that will make your friend wonder how you knew them so well.

Wick Trimmer


Zara Home

Using a wick trimmer keeps a candle in prime condition and helps prevents soot from forming.

Natural Wooden Mortar


Zara Home

This acacia wood mortar looks way more expensive than it is, and makes a thoughtful gift for a stylish foodie.

Tabletop Clock With Marble Stand


Zara Home

Your decor-obsessed friend will have a field day styling this modern marble clock.

Jacquard Wool and Cotton Blanket



Zara Home

This blanket's clean design would please minimalists, with enough color for maximalists.

Gold Frame With Chain and Stand


Zara Home

Get extra brownie points by including a print of your favorite picture together.

Geometric Stoneware Mug


Zara Home

For the friend who likes a touch of drama, go with this luxe black and white mug.

Decorative Teak Figure


Zara Home

Half art, half functional catchall for clutter.

Stoneware Pitcher


Zara Home

Show your friend you love their plants just as much as them.

Gold Iron Flowerpot


Zara Home

The only thing that could make this chic modern planter a better gift is actually including a plant.