7 Swimsuit Trends That Are All Over Instagram


So, you booked your next summer getaway. Now the beaches of Tulum, Ibiza, Jamaica, or even Montauk are awaiting your arrival. But, not only will such destinations serve as a place to relax, read, and take a break from your to-do list, they also happen to serve as stunning backdrops for the vacation photos that are sure to ensue. Scouting a few summer swimsuit trends on Instagram before you pack will guarantee that you have all the elements you need for a subtle celebration of your trip on social media.

If you've spent a few too many years relying on the same simple two-piece, now is the time to embrace the trends and opt for a style that best fits your personality. For the woman whose wardrobe is full of brands like Céline and Jil Sander, opt for a sleek single-color one piece that will pop against white sand. If your first purchase of summer was something neon green or leopard, embrace the bolder trends like tankinis or suits with cutouts. You've waited all year for the chance to soak up the sun — so take a cue from the swimsuit clad trendsetters below and pick up your go-to summer style now.


One retro-inspired trend worth giving a go this season is the tankini. Solid & Stripe's triangle iteration is a cool nod to the '90s, while other styles (say with thick straps and a high-cut bottoms) take things back further — into the '80s and before.


Last summer was all about the leopard print skirt. This summer, it's swimwear's turn to show off its spots. One-piece or bikini, either way, style this trend off the beach with the addition of a linen top or a cool, fringed sarong.

Mix And Match

One trend that you can pull off with minimal effort is the mix and match. Combine two of your favorite swim styles together to create a whole new vibe. Try to stick to two contrasting colors, or a set of prints of differing sizes to create a sense of balance that will also pop in pictures.


High-waisted swimsuits have been a go-to for a few seasons, but for summer 2019, they're a little less retro-inspired — with more of a nod to fashion's obsession with romantic details. Opt for a style in a bright floral, or try something with ruching, off-the-shoulder sleeves, or a pop of neon pink.


As Instagram influencers lean into a pared-down aesthetic, so too are many choosing swimsuits that are sleek and streamlined. A rich, jewel-tone suit in a no-frills fabrication is refreshing and totally worthy of a photo opp.


If you're planning to head straight from the beach to an activity afterwards, opt for suits with underwire details. Not only will such a suit offer support and coverage for layering under a sheer top or dress, the fabrication makes it look super luxe.


Looking for a suit that is guaranteed to impress your Instagram following? A suit with cutouts, ties, and unexpected construction is one that instantly stands out, even against a bold background. One tip: Make sure to generously apply sunscreen to avoid any surprise tan lines.