Already Mastered The Floating Eyeliner Trend? Try This Look Instead

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Creative Eye Makeup Ideas like rainbow lids

By now, you've either seen it a thousand times (rough estimate) or attempted it at least once: floating eyeliner. The trendy freeform liner that lets your inner kindergartener color outside the lines has soared into popularity as seen on celebrities, magazine covers, and, of course, Instagram. Mainly, because there are no rules, guidelines, or wrong ways to do it. And if ever since you saw the trend, you've been itching for similar creative eye makeup ideas, there are plenty more options floating around out there (bad pun?).

When it comes to what creative eye makeup is, it's frequently thought of as high-tech, expertly crafted, and time-consuming looks. But that's not always the case. Being creative with makeup is just about trying something out of the box, from the smallest of alterations like a buffed-out eyeliner to a bigger conquest like flower art, which does require drawing. At the end of the day, though, there's really no wrong way to get creative with your makeup, whether you're taking inspiration from someone else's look or coming up with something all your own.

That being said, it is pretty nice to have blueprint to start from. Ahead, seven eye makeup ideas that'll definitely get your creative ball rolling.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Eyeshadow Clouds

Instead of sweeping eyeshadow across your entire lid, put two big puffs in each corner that could loosely resemble a cloud — especially when in this blue-gray color Imani Randolph chose.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Reflective Adornments

Dig around your decade-old play box in search of rhinestones, stars (the choice seen here on Michelle Li), or anything that can reflect light. Add a few at the edge, across your entire crease, or below your lash line for some sparkle.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Rainbow Swatches

In the words (aka Instagram caption) of Katie Jane Hughes, "Be your own editorial!!!" Dab bold colors around your eye for a playful look that could be on the cover of a magazine.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Pearls

Pearls have made their way from necklaces and earrings to headbands and eye makeup — and it's incredible. Salem Mitchell shows how to apply a string of beads like swirling eyeliner for those ready to go bold.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Messy Wing Eyeshadow

If you're dedicated to the wing, try it out with an eyeshadow that's majorly buffed out. Extend a wide band of color past both corners of your eye, like Alyssa Coscarelli, for a messy-but-on-purpose vibe.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Flowers

Mimic your surroundings (or what you dream your surroundings could be) by drawing flowers around your eye. Place two flowers on each corner like Myla, or experiment with different placements and flowers for your own take on the look.

Creative Eye Makeup Idea: Complementary Neons

One neon is bright, but two is daring. Tracee Ellis Ross shows how to wear two neon colors — pink and orange — in one, modern look: Sweep one color on your lid and use the other to create a highlight right below your brow.