61 Fascinating Products With Thousands Of Glowing Amazon Reviews
by Maria Cassano and Maria Del Russo
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Fascinating Products With Thousands Of Glowing Amazon Reviews

While Amazon is great for many things — Prime video, fast shipping, their ever-expanding fashion marketplace — nothing compares to their unparalleled selection of random, but brilliant life-enhancing products: the types of things you didn't know you needed, but can't imaging living without once you discover them. The only issue? Finding said products can be a time-consuming process — and with so many items to choose from, it can be difficult to separate the truly excellent from the just-okay. But that's where this shopping guide comes in. Ahead, you'll find 61 fascinating products with thousands of glowing Amazon reviews that vouch for their quality, effectiveness, and ability to make life a little bit easier (or at the very least, more interesting).

The products on this list span the categories of self care, cooking, travel, tech, and home — but they do have one thing in common: thousands of glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers like yourself. They're each fascinating in their own way, and most of them are eligible for Prime shipping, too — so if you're eager to try them out for yourself, know that they can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of just a few days.

Scroll on to discover 61 of the most fascinating products on Amazon right now.


An Oddly Satisfying Foot Mask With A Cult-Like Following

Reviewers call the cult-favorite Baby Foot exfoliating mask "satisfying," "addicting," and "and as effective as promised." After cleansing your feet, wear the one-size-fits-all booties, which are filled with the lavender-infused exfoliating treatment, for about an hour. A few days later, the dead skin will begin to shed to reveal smooth, baby-soft feet.


A Topical Magnesium Spray With Countless Medicinal Uses

Joint pain, cramps, restlessness, trouble sleeping, stress — according to reviewers, the uses of magnesium oil are endless. This ASUTRA topical spray is made with the "miracle ingredient" to offer fast-acting relief for the various aforementioned ailments and more. It's even Venus Williams-approved!


The One Face Mask Everyone Should Own

Few beauty staples are as popular as this Aztec Secret healing clay — or as versatile. Since it's made with only pure calcium bentonite, this powder can be mixed into DIY face masks, dissolved in a bath, applied over a blemish, or used as a foot soak. When used as a face mask, this cult-favorite treatment helps clear up, brighten, and detox skin — and unlike other gimmicky masks, this stuff really works.


A Set Of Mess-Free Whitening Pens That Are Gentle On Teeth

Even those with sensitive teeth say that these AsaVea whitening pens "[worked] as described without the pain!" Each is filled with a gentle whitening gel and is good for up to 20 uses — plus the easy-twist dispenser and bristle tips provide even, mess-free application, which makes them perfect for travel and on the go use.


Discreet Pimple Patches That Make Blemishes Heal Faster

Since they're small, transparent, and self-adhering, these Mighty Patches are easy to apply to any blemish — but according to buyers, they still pack a serious punch. The hydrocolloid absorbs the fluid and bacteria, so the affected area can shrink, heal, and fade in record time. "I do not claim to understand the science behind this tiny miracles, but they have changed my life," one reviewer wrote.


A Four-Pack Of Supportive, Anti-Odor Pillows

"I was not expecting a whole lot because the price was so reasonable," one reviewer wrote, but they were pleasantly surprised by these BioPEDIC pillows. Each has a cotton cover and is stuffed with hypoallergenic, anti-odor filling — and they're even entirely machine-washable to keep them fresh long-term.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Emits A Warm, Cozy Glow

"These are the best Himalayan salt lamps I have ever come across," one reviewer wrote — and judging by the hundreds of five-star reviews, others agree. Each is made from genuine Himalayan salt crystals with a real wooden base. The included 15-watt bulbs heat the salt from the inside, which releases negative ions into the air, and there's even an ETL-certified cord with a dimmer switch.


An Alarm Clock That Mimics Sunrise To Wake You Up More Gently

Unlike your average alarm clock, this one from HeimVision doesn't use any jarring sounds to get you up. Instead, it gradually brightens over the course of several minutes, reaching its full brightness when it's time to start your day. If the sunrise function isn't enough to rouse you, it also comes pre-programmed with seven soothing sounds, like birdsong and waves.


An Icy Face Roller To Reduce Puffiness & Pain

Store this stainless steel face roller in the freezer, so when it's time to soothe puffy eyes or reduce a migraine, you'll be ready to go. The Esarora ice roller is also easy to clean and stays cold for a while, which is why reviewers call it a "lifesaver." It's also great for soothing tension headaches and the pain associated with sinus infections and allergies.


An Acupressure Mat That Stimulates Endorphin Flow

Using thousands of tiny spikes, this acupressure mat stimulates pressure points in the back and neck, which in turn prompts a rush of endorphins. As a result, reviewers say it's shockingly effective when it comes to reducing headaches, body pain, insomnia, stress, and more. It even includes a free acupressure neck pillow.


A Popular Coffee Made From Brain-Enhancing Mushrooms

While it uses only half the caffeine of a standard cup of coffee, reviewers say Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee helps them to retain a clear, productive brain all day long — without the crash. That's because it's made with lion's mane and chaga mushrooms, which are natural nootropics that can help enhance concentration, focus, and cognitive function. It also mixes well with creamers and "tastes great," according to buyers.


A Weighted Blanket That Reviewers Swear By

While it may be warm and comforting, this is definitely not your average blanket. The Quility weighted blanket is filled with evenly distributed glass beads, which can help to ease anxiety, promote deeper sleep, and reduce stress. It's available in six colors (each with a removable cover) and a wide range of weights for people of all ages.


A Two-Pack Of Non-Stick, Oven-Safe Baking Mats For Easier Cleanup

Why have these simple baking mats earned a 4.7-star rating? Because they're made from food-grade silicone, so cookies, macarons, and meats slide right off without any greasing whatsoever. They're oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can even opt for built-in cookie measurements.


A Top-Rated Toothpaste That Whitens Teeth With Activated Charcoal

Because activated charcoal is extremely absorbent, it's able to soak up stains and unwanted odors from the mouth. Cali White toothpaste skips the fluoride and sulfates and instead uses charcoal to freshen and brighten teeth. It has over 9,000 reviews because, put simply, "It works! I noticed a change after the first use."


An Electric Wine Opener That Takes The Effort Out Of Uncorking

The Secura electric wine opener has a powerful rechargeable motor that removes almost any cork with the press of a button. It lights up while it charges in its sleek stand to give your home bar an elevated feel, and it even comes with a free foil cutter, too.


A Powerful Grinder For Coffee Beans, Nuts, & Spices

Grind your own roasted coffee beans, make your own spice powders, or prep nuts for toppings and butters. The Veken electric grinder, which comes in three colors, has a powerful motor and steel blades. It's also easy to customize to your preferred coarseness, and buyers wrote that it's both convenient to use and clean.


A Popular DNA Testing Kit To Learn About Your Ancestry

The 23andMe DNA kit has thousands of reviews because it's quick, convenient, and covers so much ground. Use the included tube to send in your saliva sample; then gain online access to your ancestry composition reports, your relatives, your automatic family tree, your health traits, and more.


A Set Of Three Storage Containers That Keep Food Fresher For Longer

Yes, they provide an easy, stackable way to store your food in the fridge — but these Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers also improve the longevity of your produce. They're made with built-in crisp trays and oxygen-regulating lids, both of which work to reduce the spoilage of your fruits and vegetables.


A Styling Tool That Straightens & Brushes Your Hair At The Same Time

Style your hair simply by brushing it with this MiroPure straightening brush. Each bristle is made from quick-heating ceramic, so it straightens your hair as it smooths and detangles it, too. It also has a double-ionic generator to reduce frizz — plus, the adjustable temperatures, anti-scald design, and included heat glove all help to prevent burns.


An Electric Knife That Cuts Through Food With Minimal Effort

The Nutrichef electric knife comes with two stainless steel blades and a power handle to effortlessly cut through meats, poultry, cheese, bread, cake, and tough fruits and vegetables. It also has a safety lock and wooden storage stand, and reviewers say it "works fabulously" for those with limited movement.


A Chic, Stylish Rug At An Unbeatable Price

Warm up your entryway, give your home office a pop of color, or elevate the appearance of your bedroom. These Unique Loom Sofia area rugs come in nine different colors and various shapes, so you can dress up any room in your house. Reviewers say they're well-made, beautiful, and "worth every penny."


A Handheld Vacuum With Over 17,000 Reviews

It's lightweight, powerful, versatile — and since it recharges in its compact base, it goes anywhere without the limitation of cords. The BLACK+DECKER DustBuster is the hand-held vacuum of choice for thousands of reviewers, especially since it's so easy to empty and wash out.


A White Noise Machine To Help Soothe You To Sleep

White noise machines block out sudden, disruptive sounds using ambient noise so you can sleep or concentrate, and this unit offers tons of versatility for a great price. It comes with six soothing nature sounds, plus it has an auto-off timer, a volume knob, and a travel-friendly design that works with both batteries and a wall adapter.


These Popular Gummy Vitamins That Promote Healthier Hair

Packed with nourishing ingredients like folic acid, biotin, and vitamins D, B-12, and A, these gummy vitamins aim to encourage healthy hair growth. Reviewers say they "taste like candy" and actually work — in fact, some buyers "noticed a difference" in their hair length in just 30 days.


A Cool Mist Humidifier To Add Moisture To The Air

"I was waking up miserable in the mornings with [a] dry mouth and sinuses," one reviewer wrote — until they purchased this Pure Enrichment MistAire humidifier. Using a cool-mist output that runs for up to 16 hours straight, this unit helps soothe headaches, scratchy throats, painful sinuses, and allergy symptoms. It even has an automatic shut-off function and an optional night light.


A Painless Hair Remover That Looks Like A Tube Of Lipstick

A hypoallergenic gold-plated cover, a pain-free circular blade, and a battery-operated design combine to give us the Finishing Touch hair remover — and buyers are thrilled. This portable tool effortlessly removes unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz in an instant. It even has a built-in LED light, and since it looks like a tube of lipstick, you can bring it anywhere with you.


A Brilliantly Designed Mop With Super High Ratings

Thanks to its foot-powered spin bucket, the O-Cedar EasyWring system cleans out the mop and helps you find the ideal moisture level for your floors. The mop itself is made with absorbent, dirt-collecting microfiber fingers — plus ,it's triangularly shaped to reach into corners. "I never thought a mop could change my life," commented one reviewer, but this one has.


A Strap That's Great For Stretching & Physical Therapy

How can a simple strap have near-perfect ratings and over 3,500 reviews? Well, The Original Stretch Out Strap has helped yogis, those with spinal and muscular conditions, and those in physical therapy to improve their flexibility and decrease their pain levels. It has 10 individual loops for all different intensities, and it's made from a durable, easy-to-hold material.


A Lightweight Vacuum That's Surprisingly Powerful

It may only weigh 4 pounds, but reviewers say the Eureka Blaze vacuum "easily picks up cereal or dog food," not to mention dust, dirt, and hair. Best of all, the three-in-one design allows you to use it as a stick or a hand-held — and the 18-foot power cord and extra-large dust cup make chore day a breeze.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With A Color-Changing Light

Available in three woodgrain colors, this essential oil diffuser has nearly 9,000 reviews because it's convenient, powerful, and attractive. Its 150-milliliter tank can run for up to six hours, and the strong mist output works to diffuse your favorite essential oils around your space. It also has a built-in color-changing light, which glows from the interior.


These Natural Supplements To Help Combat Insomnia

Instead of synthetic additives, these Genius Sleep Aid supplements contain non-habit-forming ingredients like melatonin and L-theatnine, which help you to relax and fall asleep faster. They also aim to combat adrenal fatigue caused by caffeine and stress, which is why buyers say they "made [them] a believer after years of struggling."


A Memory Foam Mattress Topper To Make Any Bed More Comfortable

Upgrade any mattress with the LINENSPA 2-inch topper, which is available in your choice of eight sizes. It's made from a plush, body-confirming memory foam material and is infused with gel beads to regulate your body temperature during the night. "I have never enjoyed a bed more than I do [now,]" wrote one buyer.


A Touch-Activated Light That Looks Like The Moon

With the touch of a finger, this cozy moon lamp brightens, dims, and switches between cool and warm white. It's fully rechargeable, so it's great for kids, mood lighting, and nighttime trips to the bathroom — and it even comes with a free stand so you can display it on your bookcase or bedside table.


A Facial Razor, Eyebrow Groomer, & Dermaplaner In One

Thanks to the high-quality blades and built-in micro-guards, these little tools remove fine hairs, exfoliate skin, and shape brows, so grooming has never been so easy — and so painless. Each set comes with three razors, and they're all slim, portable, and lightweight for use on the go.


A Fascinating Massage Tool That Buyers Call "Transformative"

"This device has made a huge difference to my quality of life," wrote the reviewer who called it "transformative." The Body Back Buddy has 11 carefully placed knobs to ease knots and massage spots all over the body — and since it works using your body's own leverage, you don't have to enlist the help of anyone else.


A Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set To Promote Blood Circulation & Encourage Lymphatic Drainage

"I never thought this roller could be so helpful and now it [is] rescuing my face," one reviewer raved about this face-massaging beauty tool. In this set, not only do you get a jade roller, but it comes with a gua sha tool, too — both of which help to promote circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and soothe and de-puff skin.


A Popular Gourmet Hot Sauce With Hint Of Truffles

Made with black truffles, organic agave nectar, and ripe chili peppers, this TRUFF gourmet hot sauce adds a spicy, unique taste to any dish. "It's sweet, savory, spicy, and has the perfect amount of truffle flavor," wrote one reviewer who called it the "best ever."


A Planner That Tackles So Much More Than Productivity

While it does have space to jot down your meetings and social commitments, the Panda Planner is so much more than a calendar journal. It also has writing prompts, gratitude sections, habit trackers, and more — all of which aim to boost your happiness levels as well as your productivity. Get it in four colors.


A Sonic Facial Brush Made From Hygienic Silicone

The exterior is coated in soft, easy-to-sanitize silicone bristles, while the interior has a powerful motor that produces gentle pulsations. The result? A best-selling sonic cleanser that stimulates circulation and gently exfoliates skin, which makes it easy to give your face a deeper clean without the risk of aggressive scrubbing or irritation.


These Toe-Stretchers To Promote Proper Alignment & Reduce Pain

Made from soft, washable silicone, these YogaToes gems are designed to realign the joints in the feet while simultaneously stretching toes, which may help to reduce pain, bunions, and flexibility. "Who would have known that such a simple tool could make such a difference?" one reviewer commented.


A Kneading Spa Pillow For Your Neck & Back

If you're someone who loves the massaging chairs at your local nail salon, then you'll go crazy for this at-home massaging pillow. It offers the kneading sensation of those chairs, but in a more flexible form. You can slip the pillow under any body part, turn on its heated kneader, and enjoy your own shiatsu session in the comfort of your own home.


A Lightweight Vacuum That's Perfect For Small Spaces

Cleaning small spaces can be tricky, but this handheld option makes it a total snap. It's lightweight (weighing only 5 pounds) and designed with an extendable nozzle, making it ideal for tidying couch cushions and cars. And thanks to its 20-foot cord, you can vacuum entire rooms without having to unplug it multiple times.


This Cool Flat Iron That Steams Your Hair Straight

A technologically-advanced hair straightener may seem like a bit much, but this tool will undoubtedly change your mind. Its ceramic plates ensure even heat distribution, resulting in 80% less breakage, but it actually straightens your hair using steam, which helps eliminate frizz and increase shine.


A Two-In-One Styling Tool For Salon-Worthy Blowouts At Home

It's hard to give yourself a salon-worthy blowout at home — but that's where this two-in-one tool from Revlon comes in. It's a blow dryer and brush in one, so it styles your hair and enhances volume without the need to use a round brush and multiple tools.


A Multi-Use Cream From Korea Made With Snail Mucin

Though it might sound a bit weird at first, snail mucin is actually an incredible ingredient for improving skin tone and hydrating and repairing skin. This multi-use cream from K-beauty brand Mizon is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin, and with 92% snail mucus, it contains one of the highest concentrations of the ingredient on the market.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Dries Them, Too

Skip the hassle of hand-washing your brushes, and opt for this nifty machine instead. It swirls your tools at three different speeds to clean them, then dries them out, too. While you can use it with any brush soap, this machine comes with a complimentary bottle of their own cleaning formula, as an added bonus.


An Adjustable Pillow To Find Your Perfect Fill

There's little worse than buying a pillow and then realizing it's not the right fit for you. That's what makes this adjustable pillow so brilliant. It comes with extra memory foam, so you can add or remove however much you'd like to get a fill that's perfect for you.


A Natural Charcoal Powder That Whitens Your Teeth

Not all teeth whiteners need to be laden with harsh chemicals. This charcoal-based system lifts stains with ease while also working to freshen breath (using coconut in addition to charcoal). The powder is free of artificial colors and flavors, making it a natural, effective teeth-whitening alternative.


A Cult-Favorite Travel Pillow Experts Swear By

Say goodbye to the cramps in your neck while you travel wit the cult-favorite Trtl pillow. This super soft pillow wraps around your neck to support it while you snooze — a design that also allows it to pack flat, so you can easily stow it in your bag without taking up much space.


The Best Bra For Strapless or Backless Outfits

Stick on bras tend to slip and slide, but this one stays put, according to countless reviewers. "As a 36D type of gal, it is pretty difficult to find a good backless bra that is full coverage and can push up the girls," wrote one. "I have to say this bra does the trick!"


An Anti-Thinning Shampoo That Promotes Stronger, Fuller Hair

If you're trying to thicken or grow out your hair, this shampoo from PURA D'OR should be a part of your in-shower routine. It's spiked with 17 proprietary herbs as well as biotin and argan oil, which work together to strengthen and soften your hair over time. The result? Longer, stronger, fuller-looking hair with continued use.


Cult-Favorite Korean Washcloths To Exfoliate Your Entire Body

Made of 100% viscose, these exfoliating wash cloths buff away dead skin while you're in the bath or shower. They're a Korean beauty secret for achieving smooth, baby-soft skin all over your entire body. Each order comes with eight cloths.


A Silk Pillowcase That's Gentler On Your Skin & Hair

Silk pillowcases are known to be extra-gentle on skin and hair, which can help reduce hair breakage, tangles, and knots, and prevent pillow lines on your face. They're also great for hot sleepers, since they naturally stay cool. This one comes in over 25 colors and four sizes, all at a great price.


A Slightly Spicy Honey That Tastes Good On Everything

A foodie-favorite, Mike's Hot Honey tastes delicious on just about everything: pizza, tacos, cheese, fried chicken, and more. "It's just the right amount of heat to make it interesting, but not so hot that it'll interfere with other flavors," wrote one reviewer who gave the honey five stars.


A Plug That Turns Any Outlet Into A Smart Outlet

This outlet from Kasa connects to WiFi and is controlled by an app, but you can also use it with Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana. You'll be able to control whatever you plug into this outlet from the app or your smart home device, as long as there's a WiFi connection.


A Set Of Compression Socks To Relieve Foot Pain

Keep your feet snug and supported with these compression foot sleeves. Available in nine different colors, these sleeves compress your arches to provide extra support and boost blood circulation. Reviewers swear by them for relieving foot pain, and they're a must-try for anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis, too.


A Compact Organizer For Up To 30 Bottles Of Spices

Never go hunting for your red pepper flakes again with this compact spice organizer. It holds 30 spice bottles (round and square) and requires zero mounting. Just place it on your shelf and pop in your spices — it's as easy as that.


A Lightweight Korean Sunscreen That Reviewers & Redditors Swear By

Nobody likes a cakey sunscreen, which is what makes this Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk so special. Its milky consistency melts into skin and wears gorgeously under makeup while providing a nice, high SPF of 50 to keep your face protected from the sun.


A Lightweight Lip Tint That Makes You Look Like You Just Ate A Popsicle

Get a "just-ate-a-popsicle" effect with this lightweight, but long-lasting lip tint from Etude House. It won't dry your lips out and the color is guaranteed to look gorgeous on anyone. Plus, it's buildable, so you can choose between a subtle wash of color or layer on for a more dramatic look.


An Eye Mask & Headphones In One

If you listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while you sleep, you'll love these CozyPhones headphones. The band is super lightweight, so it's comfortable enough to sleep in, while the headphone cable connects into any device — smart phones, laptops, tablets, et cetera. They're also perfect for running and travel and are sold in eight colors.


A Trimmer/Shaver Hybrid That Makes Grooming A Snap

This shaver/trimmer hybrid makes removing unwanted facial hair easy and fuss-free. You can adjust it to remove any length of hair, whether you're looking for a close shave or a light trim. It's electric and rechargeable, and you can choose to use it dry or with shaving cream (and you can even take it in the shower).

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