The Summer Necklace Trend That Just Won't Quit

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Summer is the season to streamline your wardrobe and leave the layers behind. But as you peel away the sleeves, opt for lower necklines, and leave your skin exposed, it's the time to show off the necklaces that might otherwise be tucked away. There are the simple, delicate everyday pendants, the trendy shell-studded pieces, and the heavier chains all vying for the real-estate between your collarbone and chin. For Summer 2019, fresh jewelry layering ideas can help you give your warm weather style a whole new feel and help you road test the season's coolest necklace trend.

In the spirit of embracing a bit of maximalism, below you'll find lessons in layering to help you get the most out of your summer jewelry. First, you'll find a must-try trend, then an explanation of exactly what to add on to nail the layered look. It's all about mixing and matching the season's shiniest styles, and pairing the pieces that have been waiting for their time to shine. For a fancier occasion, you'll see exactly which delicate styles to stack together. And for the beach, well you can bet there's a shell combination in there that will fit the bill. See six key necklace trends to try below, so you can lean into layering this season.

The Trend: Shell Necklace

Since cowerie, clamshells, and pearls have all become major must-haves this summer, why not embrace your inner maximalist and layer more shells into the mix. If it feels a bit too kitchy to you, try one necklace made of real shells, and one with pieces cast in metal — it instantly elevates the look.

The Trend: Fine Gold Chain

Simple doesn't have to mean boring. One way to give a dainty chain a more dressed-up feel is by layering it with others that hit your neck in different places. For longer necklaces, try a slightly thicker chain, but leave anything tighter super fine.

The Trend: Thick Chain

If you want a simple tee or slip dress to make a big impact, consider styling your sleek basics with chunky, statement necklaces. A heavy chain needs the balance of a statement pendant to stop it from completely overwhelming your décolletage.

The Trend: Statement Chain

If you're looking to test out a statement chain, but want a final look a bit more appropriate for everyday, consider styling one with delicate pendants of similar lengths. A beaded chain or something with simple stones offers contrast to something heavier.

The Trend: Gold Pendant

It's high time to break out the bevvy of pendant necklaces in your collection and layer them all together. Though mixed metals can look plenty cool, try sticking to either all silver or gold to streamline the look. The best part: This layering trend is lightweight enough to wear to bed, or even for a workout.

The Trend: Unexpected Pearls

It wasn't so long ago that any beaded pearl necklace felt inherently stuffy, but not anymore. Unexpected, rough shapes, and unusual fabrications are giving pearls a youthful twist. To finish off your layered look, add a craft-inspired necklace — perhaps with beads, semi-precious stones, and a hint of color. It's the ideal combo for a day in the sun.

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