6 Spring Hairstyles To Try As Soon As You Can Make An Appointment


While trips to the hair salon are distant fantasies rather than reality these days, we're still looking forward to switching it up for the new season ahead. However, with times changing, 2020's top spring hair trends are a lot more low-lift than in years past, favoring easy maintenance rather than optics for Instagram.

That said, we'll be seeing a lot more styles that require a lot less work. Think pixie cuts, grown out shags, and air-dried styles that call for minimal to no heat. "Everyone is looking for a renewal at this point," Yusef, Rihanna's go-to hairstylist, tells TZR. "People are looking to get rid of baggage and start fresh. People just want to start over and go back to the basics, doing whatever works for them."

And for many, doing what works for them may mean doing absolutely nothing at all, and the experts say, that's just fine. "We're looking forward to seeing free-spirited styles this year," Nunzio Saviano, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Nunzio Saviano Haircare says. "Styles that work on every texture, length, and color."

So if you're stuck in a rut and struggling to figure out what to do next with your hair — or just need something to look forward to once you're actually able to book an appointment — check out the spring hair trends that are taking the stress out of styling.

Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Angled Pixie


"I have girls right now that are saying 'I just want to shave my hair off,'" Yusef says. "Coming out of social distancing, we'll see many women doing just that. Having been tasked to tend to their own hair without a stylist for months, many will need a break and want something that requires little to no maintenance."

Spring 2020 Hair Trend: '70s-Inspired Curtain Bangs


"We’ll see curtain bangs which are more flexible that cutting a full-on bang," Saviano predicts. "It’s a great way to freshen a look without going too far or having regret. They also dress up spring and summer ponytails with a fashionable twist."

‌Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Classic Shag


"We’ll see shags as a fresh update to lobs," Saviano says. "I think we’ll be looking for free-spirited styles. It works on every hair texture, especially curls and waves."

‌Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Gentle Layers


Saviano predicts that naturals will veer away from mono-lengths, opting for more shapely layers to offer a softer vibe.

‌Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Chin-Length Braids

Rich Fury/WireImage/Getty Images

"Natural comfort zones for naturals will remain," Yusef says. "I predict the continuation of a lot of braiding, but even with that, I'm seeing braiding with less hair and hair that's shorter."

‌Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Air Dry Styles


"Experiment with air-dry styles," Saviano says, particularly for curly ladies. "Now more than ever, it’s a great time to perfect this technique and give hair a break from heat styling. When air drying, use a combination of an Anti-Frizz Styling Cream and a volumizing mousse. This will work to separate and define curls and waves while keeping hair looking soft, natural and frizz free."