These TikTok Shopping Hacks Have Gone Viral For A Reason

by Shelby Ying Hyde
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If you're looking for an easier, more efficient way to do something, chances are the internet has you covered; The proof is in the recent influx of shopping hacks from TikTok popping up all over the buzzy new social media app. While it may be better known for viral dances and silly sound bites, there's plenty of practical knowledge to be had there, too. But, like with anything else, it's important to know which tips and tricks are worth your time before spiraling down a multi-hour rabbit hole of content.

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have lent themselves to the sudden boom of expert-led tutorials on everything from recipes, to taxes, to styling ideas. In turn, consumers are learning that certain features they overlooked in the past (like Facebook's ad library or those pesky E-commerce live chats) are the key to shopping smarter and in some cases, looking beyond brand names will get you a better deal. A prime example: the viral $10 jeans that Generation-Z spent all summer raving about as the perfect '90s wash and fit, but at a major discount when compared to designer styles. These hacks will become especially helpful for those building out a well-rounded wardrobe — saving a few dollars here and there, is bound to work in your favor in the long run.

Whether you shop seasonally, or frequent the e-commerce space, the TikTok shopping hacks below are a great place to start if you're hoping to spend a little smarter.

Shopping Hack: Facebook's Ad Library

Before checking out online, try shaving off a few extra dollars by using a promo code. Whether you're signing up for a brand's email newsletter just to receive a first-time-shopper discount or keeping close tabs on the designer's social media account for sale events, there are a multitude of ways that one can save money. But thanks to TikTok user (and bonafide marketing professional) @slimeseason22, with just a quick search of the desired retailer in your Facebook ad library you can uncover your any active promo codes for your next purchase.

Shopping Hack: Buying Viral Jeans From TikTok

Looking to expand your denim collection ahead of the new season? Consider thinking beyond your favorite luxury brands and purchase a pair (or two) of the $10 jeans from Walmart that went viral on TikTok. While they were transformed a number of different ways on timelines (tie-dye, DIY tailoring, etc.) the vintage-style mom jeans are made from 100-percent cotton and are a true wardrobe staple, for nearly a fraction of what you'd normally pay. Plus, you can take them to your favorite tailor to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Shopping Hacks: Promo Codes

If you're looking for a good way to save money, try asking the virtual customer care representative in the live-chat box that pops up on the screen if there are any active promo codes that you could use before checking out. Major brands like Nike are bound to have a coupon available; especially if you already have plans to make a purchase. Bottom line: It doesn't hurt to ask, even if the answer is no.

Shopping Hacks: Split-Payment Methods

Over the last few years there's been a noticeable increase in the popularity of split-payment models with brands like, Afterpay and Klarna leading the way. But aside from giving you an opportunity to make multiple payments on a purchase, it allows customers to create a proper shopping budget, while making luxury brands more accessible in the process. Plus, if you can't find the brand you're looking for on their rolodex of retailers, you can still use this method by searching it through the iPhone app.

Shopping Hacks: Nailing Highly Anticipated Drops

It can be difficult getting your hands on more popular items once they reach cult status. However, like with Telfar's highly anticipated bag drops, the world wide web is filled with tips and tricks that ensure you're successful when the desired piece is back in stock. This includes creating an account ahead of time, so that you don't waste time entering your shipping and banking information when it's time to check out. You can also find restock notifications via inbox incredibly useful — you'll be surprised how much you use them.

Shopping Hacks: Customer Service

One learning from TikTok — it's important to follow brands you love across all platforms. It's worth checking to see if they have an Instagram or Twitter account dedicated to answering customer questions and, if so, give them a follow for more intimate knowledge. Some labels, like Cold Laundry, know that customers are likely to have questions regarding things like its unisex size chart, so they created a second Instagram account to better assist. If you have questions you need answered before making a purchase, these are great resources to seek out before sending that dreaded email.

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