Sarah Silver

6 Pearl Beauty Products That Give You Glow (Instead Of Glittery Fallout)


Once April rolls around, there are two things that are for certain: May showers will rain down, and new beauty trends will sprout up, too. But the most buzziest of them all — pearl-studded makeup and hair — is one that has historical ties. Pearls were known as "the queen of gems" as early as the Roman Empire... but now, you don't necessarily need ties to the crown to wear them like royalty. Pearl beauty products help give you that same queenly vibe. And you don't have to worry about annoying fallout when applying them, either.

"The pearl trend does fit in with the festival trends," makeup artist Tiffany Patton, who keyed the beauty looks for TZR's first beauty shoot, tells me. "But it doesn't always have to be just for festivals. That's part of the allure of pearls... they have an otherworldly quality to them. They can be structured or futuristic." Plus, a pearlescent finish is what was all the rage during Fashion Month — soft and dewy is the name of the game, rather than a whole lot of in-your-face glitter.

And granted, everyone doesn't have the time to apply actual pearl decals to their lids for a sick liner look... but the hero products from the shoot, below, rival that same shine. See the exact products that Patton applied, ahead.

Cream Colour Base in Shell


MAC Cosmetics

"This is one of my favorite highlighters," Patton says. She loves it so much that she used it on model Brionka Halbert's face *and* body. For the shoulder strobe, she mixed a bit of the product with a rich, creamy lotion (Eucerin is great, she notes) and buffed it on Halbert's skin with a big fan brush. "Fan brushes are great because they diffuse things softly," she says.

5 Couleurs Wild Earth Limited Edition palette in 786 Terra


Dior Beauty

When Halbert wasn't wearing actual pearls on her eyes, Patton opted to use shimmery shades on the model's lids. "It's a super metallic eye," she says of the new Dior Beauty palette. "I applied it with a wet brush so that it really pops."

Dior Addict Stellar Shine in 535 CD Dream


Dior Beauty

This pretty pink high-shine lipstick, another new launch from Dior Beauty, wasn't just used on Halbert's lips. "If something is flattering on the lip, you can use it on the cheeks and lids, too," Patton notes. "Plus, shades of pink tend to look romantic." To apply the lipstick as a blush, Patton used a nice, fluffy brush.

Crystal Gel Gloss



Or if you don't necessarily want pigment, Shiseido's clear gloss offers some serious shine.

Radiant Creamy Concealer



Halbert already has great skin, but a little bit of Radiant Creamy Concealer helped her glow even harder. The texture of this product is so smooth, you can blend it in with your fingertips.




Love glitter, but hate the mess that it makes when trying to remove it? Akoya, a shimmering oyster, offers shine without the stain.