6 Emerging Fashion Brands On Instagram @Shop To Keep On Your Radar

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Though you may use social media to keep up with the biggest names in fashion (such as Marc Jacobs and his personal penchant for scarves), the savvy fashionista also relies on it to find the best lesser-known brands. But if you don't have time to click through the millions of designers, pieces, and pictures on Instagram — same — then just turn to the app's @shop account to help curate your feed. And to make your social media game even easier, the new issue of Bustle's Rule Breakers rounded up 11 emerging designers on Instagram @shop.

This includes a variety of beauty and fashion, though. If you're strictly in the mood to add something new to your closet, continue scrolling down — four of the designers Bustle's Most Wanted featured in the new Rule Breakers issue are ahead, plus a few more that The Zoe Report's currently obsessed with.

1. Bode

Despite using a relatively niche material, Bode's quilted menswear and outerwear has gained a widespread appeal; it seems to operate outside any current trends. You can bet you'll see even more from designer Emily Bode's line as fall appraoches, too (most recently thanks to the musician Leon Bridges, whose Bode shirt sparkled at Afropunk).

2. Kara

The bag brand Kara has made a name for itself since its launch in 2013. With monochromatic colorways, chunky hardware, and lots of black leather, it perennially introduces forward-thinking designs and silhouettes that reimagine the typical functionality of purses.

3. Brinker & Eliza

Created by the mother-daughter duo of Brinker and Eliza Higgins, Brinker & Eliza's jewelry and accessories are reminiscent of pieces you may've worn decades ago. However, upscale accents — like 24k gold, to name just one — give the whimsical pieces an elevated appeal.

4. KkCo

First thing to know about the new fashion brand KkCo: the second K is silent. Second: it absolutely dominates the unconventional texture game. From sheer dresses to trendy tie-dye, KkCo is proving it's well on its way to becoming an established force in the fashion community.

5. Chromat

With its eyes set on sustainable, size-inclusive swim, sport, and bodywear, Chromat is a cutting-edge brand to be reckoned with — each futuristic neon design seems like it was pulled from a sci-fi novel's pages.

6. Susan Alexandra

In a world of sleek bags and understated designs, Susan Alexandra's beaded accessories challenge the status quo. Following the designer on Instagram (or buying one of her bags) is like joining in a brighter, happier world — one filled with fruit, prints, and neon colors.

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