5 Ways To Use This Groundbreaking Serum

Are you ready for this? We found a serum that may be the only skin-care product you need in your makeup bag — and maybe even your entire bathroom cabinet. We know that’s a bold statement, but we can back it up. First, let’s rewind. Here’s how we found it: We were browsing Sephora’s site looking for something that would transform a dull, dry complexion into glowing, lit-from-within skin. We were initially drawn to Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum because the formula, with a buzzy prebiotic, is supposed to strengthen the skin barrier. That sounded quite new and enticing, so we ordered it, and after using it day and night, we couldn’t help but notice how radiant and plump our skin looked. We also realized how multifaceted the product is. We found ourselves reaching for it multiple times a day, and for all kinds of reasons. Because it’s too good not to share, here are our favorite ways to use it.

In Our A.M./P.M. Skin-Care Routines

This one may seem obvious, but Génifique’s liquid-y, lightweight texture sinks right in while still feeling richly hydrating. It’s step #1 after washing your face, and anything you layer on top (whether lotion or SPF) glides on like a dream. There’s no pilling or stickiness, and it prevents skin from drying out come 3 p.m.

Mixed With Foundation

After completing your morning skin-care routine, mix a few drops into your liquid foundation and dab the emulsion on with a makeup sponge. It creates a beautiful, natural glow, because it prevents caking, creates the perfect amount of shine, and lets your skin subtly peek through.

As A Highlighter

Lately, we’ve been favoring a luminous kind of highlight as opposed to a full-on strobe. Rub a few drops of the serum between your fingers, and then tap it onto the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and brow bones for a fresh, youthful effect.

To Soothe Skin

For dry skin that gets red easily, leave Génifique in the fridge for a couple of hours (or even store it there permanently), then gently massage onto your face. The coolness will help calm irritation, and come summer, it works as a soothing post-sun treatment, too.

As A Lip Primer

No need to go out and buy a separate lip primer. Just pat some of this serum on your lips, let it dry down a little, then add your favorite lip color. It’ll go on smoother and make your lips look so much fuller.


This post is sponsored by Lancôme x Sephora.