Streamline Tricky-to-Organize Spaces In Your Home

by Hannah Selinger

If a certain streaming queen of home makeovers has taught us anything about living life in 2019, it's this: Organization is in. Still, despite our best efforts, it may be difficult to channel our inner neat freaks when it comes to those hard-to-organize spaces.

But keeping your home clean and organized — with the help of a few reliable resources, like Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach — is the key to making your home shine. I asked Kathie Mullin, a Hamptons property estate manager and owner of the home decor shop Fork + Rose, for some of her tips and tricks for streamlining challenging spaces. Here's her advice for tidying up some common problem spaces.


Organize Those Cords

Stray cords can really affect the aesthetic of a room, but eliminating them is actually an easy fix. "Simple solutions to tack down lamp and telephone cords are cord clips," Mullin says. "For the slightly more complex task of organizing your TV system, try specialized cover strips, like ones offered at IKEA." Once those cords are off the floor, you'll have more access to what's behind them. That means an opportunity to get down and dirty in those hard-to-reach places with a bottle of Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach in hand.


Contain the Rain, Artfully

If you've previously struggled with keeping umbrellas readily accessible while simultaneously preventing the eyesore that is the umbrella pile, Mullin has a solution. "Umbrella stands, like these ones from Aero Studios, not only keep your entry in order, but they're also excellent décor," she says. "Put in a couple of old walking sticks for a bit of added character."


Harness the Utensils

Nothing says "difficult to organize" quite like your kitchen, where rarely used utensils seem to gravitate. "The kitchen can often be one big organizational headache," Mullin says. "Marie Kondo has made a very successful living guiding us on how to tackle the excess stuff we have in our homes. Once you've Kondo-ed your kitchen, reward yourself with beautiful handmade ceramic containers to keep your counters organized and clutter-free." Your newly freed counter space will be free, clear, and ready for a deep cleaning with a little Clorox.


A Shoe Solution

Clutter and dirt: These are what shoes bring to the proverbial table. To tackle the first issue, Mullin suggests storage solutions that also function as décor. "A big basket is an easy choice, but when the household grows, digging through other peoples' dirty shoes to find your matching sandal is not always fun," she says. She suggests investing in a piece of furniture, like a storage bench, which is "big enough to keep shoes tidy, and an excellent accent to your home." And what about that dirt? Well, once you've stored those shoes away, target the surface of the storage bench with Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach.


Make Your Closets Work for You

Vertical space, Mullin says, is essential when it comes to organizing easily cluttered spaces, like closets. "Areas like the pesky upper shelf in your hall closet can be best utilized with a compartmental shelving unit. All of your annoying 'unstackables,' like your iron, lint rollers, and vacuum bags, can have their space and stay nice and tidy." Mullin suggests using an 8-bin shoe organizer, like this one, to help organize closet spaces.