5 Subtle Ways To Pull Off The Neon Trend Everyone Will Be Wearing Soon

by Danielle Combs

When dropping temperatures and drab winter weather begin to rear their heads, it's an instinct to reach for tried-and-true cold-weather staples in muted hues like grey, black, navy, and cream. While there's nothing wrong with donning a classic tailored camel coat, or a cream knitted sweater dress, this season it’s time to hit the snooze button on your standard autumnal hues and embolden your wardrobe with electrified jolts of neon colors in Pepto-Bismol pink, highlighter yellow, searing orange, brazen blue, and lime green. While initially jarring, all it takes is a bit of inspiration to incorporate the 2018's neon trend for winter.

For the past several seasons, electrifying hues like millennial pink and Gen-Z yellow have become not just color trends, but cultural zeitgeists. And this fall, saturated hues became a dominating runway trend. Sies Marjan, a brand known for its incredible and precise usage of color, offered a grown-up (and work-appropriate) approach to the neon color trend. At Prada for Fall/Winter 2018, Miuccia entered her very own alternate sci-fi reality where she debuted clothes that featured beaming fluorescent paillettes on a variety of dayglow dresses.

If you tend to shy away from bright colors, the key to pulling off this electrifying color trend is shopping for silhouettes that you already know work for you. The latest wave of neon dressing evokes a sense of power, and with some much needed style inspiration, you'll see that color isn't anything to shy away from. Below, you will find five outfit ideas that feature fresh approaches to pulling off neon — from subtle to full head-to-toe — along with a set of tips to help you incorporate bright elements into your style in a variety of ways. Whether you want to subtly ease neon colors into your wardrobe, or you're a risk-taker ready to dive in headfirst, find all the inspiration you need below.

Embrace A Magenta Dress

Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock

Say so long to pretty pastel pinks, as magenta ruled both on the streets, and on the runways. With a color this strong, opt for polished shoes — like sporty trainers in a neutral hue — and sleek accessories.

Try A Bright Orange Monochromatic Look

Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock

Let it be known: Head-to-toe orange isn't for the faint of heart. Keep the look grounded by pairing your blazing orange fitted top, and matching midi-skirt with accessories that feel a little more tough. Edgy combat boots, and a sporty nylon bag take this all-orange look to the next level.

Sies Marjan
Turtleneck Top
Sies Marjan
Midi Skirt

Mix Neon Green With Grounding Khaki


As a subdued neutral shade, khaki is a hue you can style with every color. To ease into wearing neon, balance a lime green turtleneck top with the subdued beige, then finish the look with chunky sneakers and graphic cat-eye sunglasses.

Opt For A Neon Shoe


Never underestimate the transformative power of an eye-catching shoe. Case in point: a vintage-inspired plaid blazer dress becomes instantly edgy when paired with neon sock boots. Add a pair of fitted jeans, and your favorite menswear shirt to make the look feel a bit more casual.

Take Sharp Suiting To The Next Level

Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock

Long live the power suit, especially this season's take with strong tailored lines, structured details, and a wide range of neon colors to choose from. Keep the look casual for day with a clean pair of white sneakers or slip on a pair of animal-printed mules when heading to the office.