Wear This Color If You're Over Slime Green

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Never underestimate the power of color. Sure, it brightens up a mirror selfie, but it can also lift your mood and add an air of confidence. And even if you gravitate toward neutrals (looking at you, New Yorkers), you can still embrace a bit of color in your closet. This year, there has been a smattering of easy summer color trends for 2019 that fashion girls have flocked toward. You can probably guess one of them: green. Slime green, lime green, and olive green, are on the list of the season's biggest hits, but there are plenty of other hues on the color wheel that made the cut too — especially if you're sick of green.

Below, see a roundup of five striking colors that will more likely than not end up defining summer 2019. Since many memories are sparked by the accompanying photographs, what you wore will surely help to frame how you look back on these bright and colorful months. See how Instagram influencers are already showing off the hues, and shop the picks to start test driving them in your own wardrobe. Whether it's a monochromatic head-to-toe look or simply incorporating a pop in with your favorite neutral separates, there is always a place for color — especially when the weather's warm. Continue ahead for inspiration and to start building out your next great look.

Pink Punch

A saturated pink hue may feel like an obvious nod to funny flamingos or Barbie, perhaps. But whether you appreciate such references, there's no denying it's a splashy color that instantly adds a cheerful aesthetic to your look. Try it out via a bold midi dress or as something slightly more subdued, like a tank paired with vintage blue jeans and strappy sandals. If a more minimalist aesthetic is your style, opt for a light blush instead and style with subtle neutrals.

Mellow Yellow

Pale yellow is cropping up everywhere as of late and it totally makes sense: it's wonderfully versatile, and pairs harmoniously with most other colors as well as fun prints. It almost passes as a neutral, which means you'll get more mileage out of your purchase since it can be styled a myriad of ways. To start, grab a slip dress in the mellow hue or swap in layers with more saturated colors for a cool contrast.

Offbeat Green

You already know the color craze that is known as slime green, but it seems like all shades of green have become the Instagram hues of choice. Whether it's a faded olive, a citrusy shade of lime, or something in between, one thing is for certain: you ought to have some green in your closet.

Lazy Lavender

What's lazy lavender, you ask? It's a sleepy shade of purple that adds instant ease to any look. Wear it as a top or via a pair of strappy sandals. It's a subtle way to work color into your wardrobe and it always feels fresh.

Zesty Tangerine

Summer is the ideal time of year to bring out juicy colors that mimic the cherries, peaches, and plums currently in season. A sweet marigold-meets-tangerine hue is one that makes a statement, but can be remarkably laid back if you opt for light fabrications like linen or silk. Wear head-to-toe for an ensemble that's especially fun for either daytime or evening drinks.