48 Clever Products On Amazon That Have Reviewers Falling In Love

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True love is elusive. You can spend hours of your day swiping right (and left) on an app before throwing your hands up in frustration that you'll never find the one. Here's my remedy: take a break from swiping and click through these products on Amazon instead. Each one of these products has captured the attention of thousands of reviewers, and they rave over them the way your best friend raves over the amazinggg guy she met online. (Sigh.)

All of these products have brilliant attributes that make them oh-so-attractive, but still attainable since they're available with the click of a button.

Want a sneak peek? There's a face oil cold-pressed from camellias that'll deeply hydrate your skin and make it glow. There's a memory foam mattress topper with temperature-regulating gel beads to keep you cool all night long. And there's a smart light bulb that connects to an app on your phone so you can ensure your lights go on and off when you're on vacation.

And unlike Tinder matches, none of these products will leave you hanging — or catfish you, of course. Thanks to Amazon Prime shipping, you can have any of these clever products on your doorstep within two days.

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