47 Clever Products On Amazon That Have Reviewers Falling In Love


True love is elusive. You can spend hours of your day swiping right (and left) on an app before throwing your hands up in frustration that you'll never find the one. Here's my remedy: take a break from swiping and click through these products on Amazon instead. Each one of these products has captured the attention of thousands of reviewers, and they rave over them the way your best friend raves over the amazinggg guy she met online. (Sigh.)

All of these products have brilliant attributes that make them oh-so-attractive, but still attainable since they're available with the click of a button.

Want a sneak peek? There's a face oil cold-pressed from camellias that'll deeply hydrate your skin and make it glow. There's a memory foam mattress topper with temperature-regulating gel beads to keep you cool all night long. And there's a smart light bulb that connects to an app on your phone so you can ensure your lights go on and off when you're on vacation.

And unlike Tinder matches, none of these products will leave you hanging — or catfish you, of course. Thanks to Amazon Prime shipping, you can have any of these clever products on your doorstep within two days.


A Hair Epilator That Removes Hair At The Root

This epilator just might be the best solution when it comes to removing unwanted hair. After exfoliating, you run it across your skin and the 20-tweezer system removes hair right at the root. A light illuminates even the finest of hairs so you won't miss any spots, the massage rollers make the whole process a lot more comfortable, and you can choose from one of two speed settings — depending on your skin type. One reviewer wrote: "this thing is a miracle."


A Blow Dry Spray That'll Protect Your Hair And Make It Shine

Just a few spritzes of this blow dry spray on damp hair will cut down on drying time by up to 50 percent. But it's not just time you're saving, you're also saving your hair from breakage. The spray protects hair from heat-styling damage, while adding a good dose of shine and preventing frizz in even the most humid of environments. The two small bottles are perfect for storing in your medicine cabinet or stashing in your cosmetics bag when you're traveling.


An Allergy And Odor-Eliminating Air Purifier That Won't Take Up Too Much Space

An air purifier is a must-have for allergy and asthma sufferers, but it's also a dream come true for people sensitive to smells. This air purifier uses a four-step system to remove 99 percent of airborne allergy triggers, like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold, and it neutralizes odors caused by cooking, pets, and smoke. It's super compact, so it won't take up too much space and it operates on two speeds — choose low for quiet operation or high for maximum freshness.


Yoga Socks That'll Keep Your Feet Warm

If you're an avid yogi but hate going barefoot during your practice, these yoga socks are for you. The cozy socks will keep your feet warm in even the coldest studios, criss-cross ballet straps on top ensure the socks won't bunch or slip, and — most importantly — the non-slip grips on the soles keep you from sliding around when you're in downward dog. Wear them for dance and pilates too.


A Face Oil Pressed From Camellias To Brighten Up Dull Skin

Your face will be as soft as petals after using this Japanese face oil made from cold-pressed camellias. Just a few drops of the lightweight, non-greasy formula will hydrate, brighten, firm, and soothe skin while giving you a dewy glow — and camellias aren't the only magical ingredient in this potion. It also has vitamin and antioxidant-rich chamomile, lavender, sunflower, and jojoba oils that'll make your skin glow all day long.


A Satin Sheet Set That's Seriously Luxurious

Nothing says luxury like slipping into a bed with satin sheets at the end of the day. These beautiful smoky gray sheets are made from high-density microfiber that's resistant to fading and pilling, so they'll last for years to come. The set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a deep-pocket fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 14 inches in depth.


A Magnifying Mirror That Lights Up So You Can Get Your Eyeliner Just Right

With LED lights that replicate daylight, this magnifying mirror will help you contour and blend with ease. The mirror provides 10 times the magnification and can be rotated and adjusted so you get the perfect angle — and an airtight suction cup allows you to attach the mirror securely to all kinds of surfaces. The LED lights are battery-powered, so you don't have to worry about cords or wires.


A Cleansing Balm That Keeps Your Makeup Brushes In Good Shape

You probably spent good money on your makeup brushes — so keep them in good condition with this makeup brush cleansing balm, made with gentle goat's milk. Just dampen brush bristles and gently swirl them in the balm to dissolve and remove residue from foundation, powders, blush, eyeshadow, and gel eyeliner. And don't forget — cleansing your brushes regularly helps prevent oil and bacteria buildup that might lead to breakouts.


A Thermal Water Eye Cream That's Gentle On Sensitive Skin

The star ingredient in this eye cream is thermal spring water sourced from the Cévennes mountains in France. This water is naturally infused with trace minerals and silicates that work to deeply hydrate skin — all while soothing inflammation and reducing puffiness. The formula works wonders for all types of skin, but it's an especially good choice for anyone dealing with sensitivity or irritation. This reviewer raves: "My very sensitive eyes can get red, painful and burning for no apparent reason ... they take weeks to go back to normal, but this cream did it in one night. It’s a keeper!"


A Smart Light Bulb So You Can Turn On Your Lights From Anywhere

A Wi-Fi light bulb just might be one of the most effective ways you can deter intruders when you're away from home. Just hook the bulb up to Wi-Fi and download the Kasa app to your phone, and you can then turn your lights on and off regardless of whether you're in Des Moines, Tokyo, or just at the office finishing up some work. When you're at home, sync the bulb up to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana for voice control features.


A Hair Tool Holder That Fits On Your Bathroom Counter

This countertop hair tool holder saves major space by allowing you to store your hair dryer, curling irons, and straighteners vertically instead of laying them flat on the counter. Made from durable steel, the holder is coated in a rust-resistant finish and comes in colors like silver, gold, rose gold, matte white, and brass.


A Luxurious Fleece Blanket With Sherpa Lining

There may be nothing cozier than this reversible blanket. One side is made with plush navy blue flannel fleece and the other side is made with fuzzy off-white sherpa fleece. Double-stitching protects the blanket from wear and tear, and it can be machine-washed from time to time to freshen it up. Choose from four sizes: twin, queen, king, and throw.


Reusable Straws Handmade By Glass Artisans

Each one of these reusable glass straws is handmade in a studio by glass artisans which, honestly, makes sipping ice tea feel a lot more special. The straws are made from BPA-free borosilicate glass which is durable and virtually impossible to break (in case you were worried about your straw snapping when you take another sip of that iced coffee). A simple rinse cleans the straws pretty effectively, but a scrubbing brush is included in case you want a deep clean.


A Cosmetics Organizer That's Customizable

If you're a makeup aficionado (or just into organization), this cosmetics organizer will be right up your alley. Made from extra-durable, transparent acrylic, the organizer has drawers for powders, blushes, and eyeshadows, as well as compartments for moisturizers, foundations, serums, brushes, and lipsticks. And the organizer is completely adjustable, so you can stack the compartments vertically — perfect if you're squeezed for counter space.


A Soothing Lotion That Helps Heal Breakouts Overnight

It's a rule of thumb: you're bound to get a nasty breakout the day before a big interview, event, or first date. Don't stress — just dab a little of this drying lotion onto any blemishes before heading to bed. It's made with three powerful skin-clearing ingredients: zinc oxide to draw oil out from zits, salicylic acid to even out skin, and calamine to bring down redness and irritation. Use this and wake up with clear, calm skin in the morning.


A Customizable Dish Rack That Won't Take Up Tons Of Counter Space

Oftentimes, dish racks aren't big enough accommodate all your dishes. And if they are, they often take up an ungodly amount of counter space — but this streamlined, minimalist version doesn't take up the whole counter. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, all parts are removable so you can customize it based on your needs. There are attachments for glasses, knives, silverware, and a cutting board, as well as an elevated top rack for plates.


An Air-Purifying And Mind-Clearing Himalayan Salt Night Light

You know that peaceful feeling you get after spending a few hours in the salty air next to the ocean? You can replicate that with this hand-carved Himalayan salt night light. When lit, the night light emits negative ions that are supposed to balance mental energy so you feel calmer and clearer. Those same negative ions also work to purify the air from dust and other allergy-triggering particles.


A Powerful Immersion Blender That's Easy To Store

This immersion blender is so much less bulky than other handheld blenders or countertop mixers, but it still packs a punch. The blender is outfitted with a powerful copper motor that works on nine different speeds — and a stainless steel S-shaped blade and whisk attachment give you superior versatility so you can beat, blend, whip, and mix with ease. And you can rest assured you're getting a high-quality product: the ratings for this blender clock in at an impressive 4.7-stars.


A Two-Tiered Storage Rack With A Sliding Bottom Tray

Double your countertop storage space with this two-tier kitchen organizer. Made from sturdy iron with a bronze finish, the organizer has two levels of trays — and the bottom one slides out so you can easily access anything you want. The organizer is also perfectly sized for your cupboards if you prefer your storage to be out of sight, out of mind.


A Rich Hand Cream For Hands, Feet, And Nails

The aloe vera and lanolin in this cuticle cream give your nails a good dose of conditioning moisture, while antioxidant-rich soybean oil works to strengthen nails and protect them from environmental damage. And it's not just for nails — use it on hands, elbows, and feet to majorly soften rough skin. This happy reviewer writes: "This stuff is amazing ... I have always had weak thin nails that peel. No longer!"


An Extra-Large Bamboo Cutting Board That Catches Run-Off Juices

This bamboo cutting board is extra-large, so it's the perfect size for carving up meats or meal-prepping a lot of different vegetables. Indentations around the perimeter of the board catch run-off juices so they don't end up all your counter, and because bamboo is naturally antibacterial, you can rest assured that no illness-causing pathogens will be lurking on the board once you're done slicing.


A Jade Roller And Gua Sha Scraper That Help Increase Blood Flow To Your Skin

Jade rolling and gua sha scraping are ancient Chinese beauty practices that help firm and brighten skin by stimulating oxygen and circulation, while promoting lymphatic drainage. This jade roller is double-ended — use the larger end for cheeks and forehead, and the smaller end for the contours around your nose and under your eyes (where it helps reduce puffiness!) The gua sha scraper can be used all over the body, and may even help relieve sinus and headache pain.


A Super Versatile Veggie Spiralizer

Replacing your regular pasta with veggie noodles is an easy (and delicious) way to add more nutrients into your diet. This spiralizer comes with four ultra-sharp stainless steel blade attachments, so you can make noodles of any size. (There's also a juicer attachment if you want to up your breakfast game, too.) Suction cups on the bottom keep the spiralizer firmly anchored to the counter while you turn the crank. Try using it with zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash.


A Memory Foam Pillow That's Mega-Soft And Supportive

Get a luxurious night's sleep with this memory foam pillow. Filled with high-density memory foam, the pillow conforms to your body to support your head and neck without sinking down or going flat like lower-density memory foam pillows. The dust mite-resistant pillow is covered in micro-vented bamboo, which is super breathable and hypoallergenic. You can even refresh the pillow from time to time — it's machine-washable and can be put in the dryer.


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Keeps You Properly Aligned

Long hours sitting at your desk, in a car, or on an airplane can be hard on your body — especially if you're prone to sciatic, back, or leg pain. Use this memory foam seat cushion — it responds to your body heat to provide firm support that adjusts to your body weight. The cushion is contoured to provide leg support, and the non-slip rubber grips keep it firmly in place so it won't slide around if you change positions.


A Reusable Shopping Bag That Holds Up To 50 Pounds

This reusable shopping bag can hold a ton of groceries, but it folds up into a compact square so you can stash it in your purse. The handles are short enough to hold in your hands, but long enough to sling over your shoulder. Made from rip-stop nylon, the bag is sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds. Chose from floral designs, sailor stripes, basic black, or colors like cotton candy and terra cotta.


A Water Flosser That Helps Keep Your Teeth And Gums Healthy

Want a quicker, easier, and more effective way to floss? Try this Waterpik water flosser, which cleans your teeth and gums without the irritation (and waste) of traditional floss. Just press the button of the flosser to release a steady stream of pressured water and aim at the spaces between your teeth to clear out debris and remove both plaque and bacteria. You can control the amount of water pressure with a simple dial, and a massage mode allows you to stimulate your gums.


A Miniature Espresso Machine You Can Take With You Anywhere

This portable espresso machine will give you the perfect cup no matter where you are: at your office, in a dorm room, on a road trip, or camping. The touch-button control allows you to determine the exact amount of coffee you want to extract — no electricity required. The small, lightweight machine has a built-in cup, too, so you don't even have to haul a thermos around.


A Car Vacuum With Three Attachments So You Can Actually Reach Under Your Car Seats

Keep the inside of your ride in spotless condition with this car vacuum. With strong suction capabilities, it's powerful enough to suck up dust, dirt, damp mud, and small bits of trash. The cord plugs into your car's power socket and is 16 feet long, so it can reach all the way to the back of hatchbacks and SUV's. The vacuum comes with three attachments: a flexible extended nozzle for reaching under car seats, a brush for upholstery, and a narrow, angled nozzle for cleaning tight spaces.


A Tea Tree Cuticle Oil That Heals Nails And Kills Fungus

This all-natural cuticle oil will restore health to weak and damaged nails in no time. Made with avocado, grape seed, and olive oils, the formula is deeply moisturizing and works to repair cracks, smooth ridges, and soften cuticles — and the addition of tea tree kills off any fungus and keeps it from coming back. The cruelty-free formula is hypoallergenic and lightly scented with lavender and lemon.


Acne Patches That Speed Up Healing Time

Breakouts can be a fact of life, but you can clear them up fast with the help of these overnight acne patches. The hydrocolloid dressing absorbs any fluids, while shielding blemishes from airborne dirt or bacteria that might irritate zits further. Just as important — the patches prevent you from touching or picking. (No matter how tempting it is.) And because the patches are drug-free and chemical-free, they won't dry out skin.


A Pair Of Customizable Yoga Pants

These cropped leg yoga pants come in three options: high-waisted, medium-waisted, or V-shaped cross-waisted. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, and the top of the pants are resistant to sagging or rolling down. An interior pocket is perfect for storing your phone or credit cards while you're on a jog. This reviewer says that the pants give "a smooth line without cutting into the skin," and "the fabric is thick and supportive."


A Micellar Makeup Remover That's Easy On Sensitive Skin

If you haven't gotten onto the micellar water train, now's the time. Micellar water is a combination of purified water, hydrating ingredients, and mild cleansers. Put together, all of them act as magnets that lift away makeup, oil, and debris from your skin. This micellar water makeup remover from Bioderma is especially effective for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Just dab a little on a cotton swab and swipe over your face — no need to rinse.


These Gentle Toothbrushes With Ultra-Fine Bristles

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, brushing your teeth isn't just a chore — it's a real pain. If that's you, try these microfine toothbrushes. Invented by a periodontist, the bristles are extra-soft, so they go gentle on teeth while they clean. The brushes provide two stages of cleaning power: extra-long, tapered bristles to reach between teeth, and shorter bristles to scrub away plaque. Plus, the handles come in pretty pastels, so they'll look great on your bathroom counter.


This Tumbler For On-The-Go Loose Leaf Tea

Enjoy a piping hot cup of Oolong on-the-go with this loose leaf tea tumbler. Just drop tea right into the stainless steel infuser basket and fill the chamber with hot water. The infuser basket can also be removed and filled with fruit or cucumbers for a cool, refreshing drink. The BPA-free tumbler is made with double-walled glass that keeps beverages hot (or cold) for hours, and a neoprene travel sleeve makes it easy to carry around.


This Fool-Proof Automatic Hair Curler

Not blessed with styling skills? Give this automatic hair curler a whirl. Just press the button to draw hair into the chamber — where ceramic plates will curl or wave your hair in just a matter of seconds. A digital display lets you adjust temperature depending on your hair texture and type, so you can get the style you want without the risk of heat damage. "I am completely helpless when it comes to hairstyling. Especially curls, " one reviewer writes. "They never hold and I usually give up after a few attempts because of burns. This tool is foolproof. It is a gem."


A Memory Foam Mattress Topper With Cooling Gel Beads

This memory foam mattress topper is a super affordable alternative to investing in a pricy new mattress. The topper is filled with 2 inches of memory foam, offering firm support while contouring to your body. This allows for even weight distribution — which can majorly alleviate pressure point stress (read: you won't wake up with an aching back). The addition of temperature-regulating gel beads means you'll stay cool all night long, too.


A Purifying Shower Head Filter That Helps Hydrate Skin And Hair

Using a shower filter can make a huge difference to skin (and hair) that's prone to dryness, itchiness, irritation, or eczema. This shower filter, for example, reduces the presence of chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and pesticides, while preventing the growth of scale, mold, algae, and fungi. The best part? It works with all kinds of shower heads, including fixed, handheld, and rain. Plus it's easy to install — just unscrew your existing shower head, screw in the universal filter, then reattach the shower head, and you're ready to go.


Magnesium Bath Flakes That Soothe The Mind And Body

Magnesium is a cure-all that helps relieve sore muscles, headaches, joint pain, restless legs, and cramps. Even better, it can even help reduce feelings of stress. These magnesium chloride bath flakes are sourced from the Zechstein Seabed in northern Europe, which is the purest form of magnesium chloride in the world. Add a scoop of this to your bath to ease your aches and pains after a workout, or to unwind after a stressful day.


A Mask That Conditions Your Lips While You Sleep

Dry air, cold weather, and sunburns can all add up to parched, peeling lips. With this lip mask, though, you can give your pucker the deep hydration and conditioning it needs. This reviewer writes, "This lip sleeping mask is incredible! I live in a very dry climate and always seem to have dry, chapped, flaky lips. After the first use, I woke up with soft, supple lips for the first time in years."


A Car Phone Holder That Uses Magnets To Attach To Your Phone

A good car phone holder is a must for GPS navigation and lining up your favorite playlist (only at stop lights, of course). This magnetic car phone holder hooks into your car's air vent and features a super strong magnet that secures your device firmly in place — which means it won't budge or slip no matter how many speed bumps you come across. And since it's magnetic, you can easily remove your phone without having to take the time to unhook it or slide it out.


An Eyelash Curler That Gives You Wide-Awake Eyes All Day

A good eyelash curler can do wonders when it comes to showing off your eyes and making them look, well, wide awake (even when you're not). This eyelash curler fits directly in your hand — giving you greater control — and features a flip-down easel that creates an extra-deep curve. Reviewers say the curl lasts all day and — unlike traditional curlers — won't pinch eyelids.


The Blotting Papers Made With Rice Powder

These rice paper blotting sheets are your skin's best friend when it comes to keeping shine at bay. Each sheet is about the size of a credit card, and is infused with rice powder which naturally absorbs oil. Blot it on your face to instantly mattify your complexion — and because they're made with paper instead of plastic, this is an environmentally-friendly option.


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bath Mat

This shower mat is made from bamboo, which is one of most eco-sustainable materials on the planet. (Yep — who knew a bath mat could help you reduce your carbon footprint?) The mat had an understated, minimal design with slats that allow for proper air ventilation (i.e., quick drying). And don't worry — anti-skid grips on the bottom of the mat keep will keep it from sliding around when you step on it.


A Skin-Soothing Himalayan Salt Scrub

Deeply exfoliate your skin with this detoxifying Himalayan salt scrub. It effectively smooths rough skin and restores hydration with moisturizing ingredients like grape seed oil, lychee fruit oil, and aloe vera. Himalayan salt is also known to have properties that help reduce feelings of stress, so you won't just be renewing your skin — you'll be renewing your mind as well.


Crystal Nail Files You Can Use Again And Again

Unlike traditional emery boards, these crystal nail files will last for years. Made from Czech glass, the ombré blue files are gentle on nails, so you don't have to worry about scraping. Each set comes with three files of different sizes, so you can shape your toes, fingers, and pinkies with ease.


A Detangling Brush That Gently Glides Through Hair

This heavy-duty detangling brush is outfitted with cone shaped plastic bristles that separate the hair sideways instead of down, so you don't experience pulling or ripping. The bristles also massage the scalp and increase circulation, which might also promote hair growth. This brush is kid-friendly but adults will love it too.

One reviewer says, ""I brushed my hair for at least 2 or 3 minutes because it felt so good."

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