43 Home Products On Amazon That Look Crazy Expensive But Aren’t

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Oftentimes, the price you pay for an item is directly correlated to the quality and the aesthetic — but not always. Smart shoppers know how to find useful products that look expensive, but aren't, so they can upgrade their space without breaking the bank. These days, when it comes to the "where," Amazon is the best place to start.

Due to the countless options and the side-by-side price comparisons, it's relatively easy to find affordable luxuries for yourself, as well as classy gifts that only seem pricey. Specifically in the home department, Amazon has some of the best deals on high-end housewares and must-have decor pieces. The process really all comes down to some old-fashioned perusing, but if you're on a time budget as well as a monetary one, I'm here to help. I've scoured Amazon to find the best budget-friendly kitchen gadgets, storage solutions, bathroom fixtures, and home decorating products, so all you have to do is narrow down your needs and pick the color option that best suits your space.

In short, if you're looking to bring more personality to your home, these 43 luxurious housewares are high-quality, practical, and elegant — and the prices are all significantly lower than you'd expect.

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