42 Ridiculously Brilliant Things Under $40 On Amazon


Life today can be busy and hectic, so it’s no wonder people are hungry for anything and everything they can do to make their days run more smoothly. And luckily, shopping for these types of products is easy — it's finding them that takes a bit of effort. That's where this list of ridiculously brilliant things under $40 on Amazon comes in; not only has all the research already been done for you, but every single item is extremely affordable, conveniently sold on Amazon, and cleverly designed to improve your life in some way.

Aside from solving problems you didn't even realize had solutions, on this list, you'll also find products that simply help make daily life feel a bit more enjoyable (or at the very least, more organized and less stressful). So whether you’re hoping to cook more, get out the door faster, live more sustainably, or just make the things you already own look and work better, there’s an item (or two or three) that can help just ahead. And, since everything is eligible for free Prime shipping, you can have these game-changers delivered to your door in just a couple of days.

Interest piqued? Then scroll on to shop 42 of the most genius products on Amazon right now.


A Hair Tool Organizer That Comes In 12 Pretty Colors

This two-compartment organizer neatly holds hairdryers, flat irons, brushes, and curling wands securely, with a base that keeps cords from tangling and looking messy. Made of rust-resistant steel wire, you can safely place even hot tools in it without risk. Chose from neutral finishes like chrome and white, or go with a colorful hue such as rose gold, teal, or light pink.


A Clever Device That Keeps You From Losing Your Wallet & Other Essentials

Slip the Tile Slim into your wallet or passport case and eliminate that panicky, "Where's my stuff?" feeling. Just use the Tile app on your phone to ring the Slim, which will alert you to where you left your item. Or, if you're out of range (the Slim rings within a range of 200 feet), you can still track it on your map and find where you last left it. It's great for travelers and anyone who misplaces their things all the time.


A Styling Tool That Gives You Salon-Level Blowouts At Home

A hair tool that saves time and reduces hair damage, the mega-popular Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush detangles, dries, and provides volume all at the same time, leaving your hair looking like you just got it blown out at the salon. It's the only hair styling tool you really need to own, so it'll save you storage space, too.


A Purse Organizer To Keep All Your Essentials At Arm's Reach

No one enjoys digging around the bottom of their bag, looking for keys or lipstick or a pen. End the hassle with this purse organizer insert, which neatly holds all of your items so you can find whatever it is you need in seconds. The insert also simplifies swapping out bags — all you have to do is pop it out of one and into another — so you can switch up your look easily before you head out the door. For optimal fit, measure your favorite bag and then choose from a range of colors and sizes to match it.


These Innovative Heel Protectors That Are Oprah-Approved

You may have caught Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown, the co-founders of Solemates high heel protectors, on "Shark Tank." Their clear heel tabs go onto the bottom of shoes, preventing wearers from slipping into the grass during outdoor parties or getting caught in unstable surfaces like subway grates or cobblestones. Choose from classic, wide, and narrow sizes.


An Elegant Tray That'll Make You Never Want To Leave The Bath

This pretty waterproof bamboo tray makes bathtime feel delightfully indulgent. Bring in a book or iPad, a glass of wine, a candle, a face mask — the adjustable tray features plenty of room to safely and securely hold everything you'd want or need. With a special cup holder for stemmed drinks and a caddy to place a book or hold a tablet for binge-watching your favorite show, the only downside to using this is how difficult it becomes to leave the tub.


A Two-Pack Of Reusable Baking Mats That Cut Down On Mess

Substitute these silicone baking mats for aluminum foil, parchment paper, and added oils for all your cooking needs. They're oven safe up to 480 degrees, so you can use them to prevent everything from breads and cookies to roasted vegetables from getting stuck to the pan. Or, use them for chilling dough in the freezer, or lay them flat on a countertop for kneading and other mess-free food prep. Simple to wash because absolutely nothing sticks to them, they roll them up thin for easy storage.


A Strainer That Clips Directly Onto Any Pot

Clip this silicone strainer onto just about any sized pot, pan, or bowl for easy, one-handed straining. Instead of a large, bulky colander, the flexible Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain strainer takes up minimal storage and counter space. Whether you're straining hot water, oil, or other liquids, the strainer, which is made of heat-resistant silicone, stays put, then cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That Neatly Displays All Your Cosmetics

Over 2,000 reviewers have weighed in on their love for the AmeiTech makeup organizer, giving it 4.7 stars and plenty of praise. Measuring at 15 inches tall and a little over 10 inches wide, the large-capacity organizer rotates a full 360 degrees and is designed to save you counter space. If you want to store particularly tall bottles, no problem — the organizer's middle tray adjusts.


A 3-In-1 Gadget That Makes Quick Work Of Prepping Avocados

This dishwasher-safe 3-in-1 kitchen gadget makes it faster, easier, and neater to prep your beloved avocados. The tool safely halves, pits, and slices, so you can get your salads and guac on the table in no time, all without the risk of slipping and cutting yourself.


A Hair Styling Tool That Creates Effortless Beachy Waves With Ease

Even the straightest hair gets waves that last for days with the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver Generation II. Unlike many curler-type tools, this one features a broad barrel shape that clamps down on hair sections for fast results, and with less heat damage. There are multiple heat settings to suit all hair types, plus an auto-off feature for added safety.


A Cult-Favorite Condiment That Tastes Good On Everything

This perfect blend of sweet and heat, made with chilies and 100% pure, sustainably-sourced wildflower honey, can be added to just about any dish for a deliciously spicy-sweet kick. Pizza, ice cream, wings, cocktails — you name it, and Mike's Hot Honey probably makes it taste better.


The Microdermabrasion Beauty Tool That Expertly Cleans Out Clogged Pores

Instead of squeezing or picking, use this microdermabrasion blackhead remover to gently exfoliate and deep clean skin. The handheld tool features interchangeable suction tips and five strength modes that work on different skin types. The travel-friendly skincare tool can be recharged with a USB cable.


This Handheld Tool That Makes Perfect Zoodles Every Time

To prepare healthy spiralized vegetables at home, skip the pricey pre-packaged zoodles sold at the supermarket, and make your own fresh vegetable noodles instead. The three-blade OXO Good Grips handheld spiralizer quickly preps zucchinis, sweet potatoes, beets, and other vegetables into different widths (choose from spaghetti, zucchini, or ribbon), so you can use them in all sorts of salads and entrees.


An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Bottled Shampoo & Conditioner

Subtle scents, a proper cleanse, and zero waste. Win, win, win. If you've been wondering if solid shampoo and conditioner bars are for you, this sampler set of five from Ethique (which contains three shampoos, two conditioners) is the perfect way to try them out. Full of biodegradable, good-for-hair ingredients like coconut, kiwi, and cocoa butter, these bars don't leave hair dry or tangled the way others can. This New Zealand-based beauty brand donates 20% of their profits to eco-friendly charities and reports that their customers have saved the earth from six million plastic bottles and counting.


A One-Handed Travel Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot For Hours

You'll never sip on lukewarm coffee again with the Contigo travel mug, which keeps hot drinks hot for up to six hours and iced beverages chilled for up to 12. The leak-proof lid, which can be opened one-handed, makes this a good commuter mug, and a nice, budget-friendly present for just about anyone.


This Nifty Massager To Soothe & Exfoliate Your Scalp

This handheld shampoo brush and head massager gently and effectively helps exfoliate your scalp, eliminating dandruff and product buildup without tangling or causing hair breakage. It's also a lovely way to give yourself a mini head massage, which feels especially nice after wearing your hair up all day, and can be used as a handy shampooing tool for people with long, manicured nails.


A Cozy Travel Pillow So You Sleep More Comfortably On The Road

Mechanical engineers working with physiotherapists designed the Trtl Pillow. Lightweight and made of machine-washable fleece, this uniquely designed travel pillow has hidden internal support for your head and neck, so you'll rest comfortably even while squeezed into an airplane seat or against a train window, without uncomfortable neck jerking or head nodding. One reviewer raves that it's been a "game-changer for long haul flights."


A Soft Silk Pillowcase That Prevents Hair Tangles, Breakage, & Knots

This soft, gentle pillowcase feels so delightfully silky and cool against skin — but it's truly beloved for how it makes you look and feel after you wake up. That's because instead of hair and skin rubbing against a rougher fabric all night long, which can lead to tangles, knots, and pillow creases on your face, the smooth, silky fabric cuts down on friction and irritation, so you'll wake up looking refreshed and glowing, with hair that looks as styled as it was the night before.


A Magnifying Makeup Mirror With LEDs That Mimic Daylight

This magnifying makeup mirror only takes up a bit of room but provides 10x the magnification and natural-looking daylight illumination so you can apply makeup with perfect precision every time. Users love the portability of this foldable mirror, as well as the strong suction back that sticks to non-porous walls, glass, or counters and stays there.


An Affordable Stick Vacuum With Over 2,600 Perfect Five-Star Reviews

At only 4 pounds, you can easily maneuver this zippy little Eureka stick vacuum all over your home. Swap from stick to handle to stair vacuum to reach every spot, then attach the crevice tool to reach into corners and under couch cushions. Though this works well on hard floors and low-pile carpets, it's not best for plush, super-thick rugs.


These Clever Gel Cushions That Prevent & Heal Blisters

Once you have a blister on your heel, every step can quickly become painful. These Compeed Advanced Blister Care cushions provide long-lasting relief from blisters caused by running, wearing new shoes, and shoes rubbing against socks. The waterproof gel cushions adhere to skin and stay there for days, so your skin has all the time it needs to heal.


An Attractive Lint Roller That's Compact & Small

This is such a smart design. Sure, most lint rollers do the job of removing lint and pet hair, but you wind up wasting half of the sheets because they pick up dust and dirt from your bag or stick to things they shouldn't. Instead, the Flint retractable lint roller is compact and retractable, so the stickiness of the sheets is just for when you need it, and not when you don't. Choose from 10 surprisingly stylish colors and prints.


A Coffee Press That Makes Perfect Coffee & Espresso Every Time

If you need a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee fast, the AeroPress coffee and espresso maker is a smart budget buy. Unlike a French press, there's no sitting and steeping and waiting involved. Just boil water, add it to the grounds, and within seconds, you're ready to sip your brew. It's a solid choice for home use, but is also good for camping, travel, and offices, as one user noted. "This has proven to be the absolute best coffee maker to have at work. It makes one cup at a time, is easy to use, makes very little mess and takes up almost no room," they wrote.


A Cult-Favorite Leave-In Conditioner To Soften & Repair Hair

This cult-favorite leave-in conditioner detangles knots, softens hair, reduces flyaways, adds shine, and protects hair from thermal damage. It contains pathenol derived from vitamin B5, which is used to enhance hair's softness and shine, as well as green tea, aloe, and sunflower seed extracts. It's Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free, safe for color-treated hair, and makes an immediate difference.


A Fabric Defuzzer That Makes Clothes & Furniture Look New Again

The rechargeable Conair fabric defuzzer/shaver covers a large surface area so you can quickly and easily remove lint and pills from sweaters, couches, blankets, and more. Designed to be used corded or cordless and with three different settings depending on the fabric you're working with, this will refresh all your tired-looking garments with ease.


The Best-Selling Amazon Echo Dot With Over 100,000 Rave Reviews

Amazon's affordable smart speaker is now in its third iteration, with a new and improved speaker. Hear the latest news and weather, set timers and alarms, make hands-free calls, listen to music, voice control other smart devices in your home ... You name it, this compact smart assistant will help you do it.


A Wall Charger That Turns A Standard Outlet Into An Electronics Hub

Unlike a messy-looking power strip, this USB wall charger gives you more space to charge without taking up any additional room in your home. It converts a standard outlet into one that offers surge protection and can hold up to six plugs, plus, it features two USB ports to charge your devices. It also has a night light with three levels of brightness, designed with a sensor to turn on and off automatically.


A Color-Changing Smart Light Bulb That Can Be Controlled Remotely

This smart light bulb from TP-Link can be scheduled to power on and off to help you wake up, or used to make people think you're home when you're not. You can turn it on and off with the aid of a smart device like an Echo Dot, which is super convenient, too. Want to change the mood of your room? Both the hue and brightness are totally adjustable.


A Set Of Collapsible Food Storage Containers That Save Space In Packed Cabinets

If you have limited cabinet space, these three-piece silicone food storage containers are going to make you so happy. Their silicone base is collapsable when not in use, extremely durable, and safe for microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Meanwhile, the lids lock tightly so you don't have to worry about your meal spilling out in your lunch bag. One reviewer wrote, "The perfect leftover container. An amazing and great invention. They start out small and get big to hold just about anything and they seal incredibly well."


An Attractive Wooden Cutting Board With Two Hidden Trays Underneath

This wooden cutting board is lovely-looking, but it also features something that sets it apart from other cutting boards: the two side compartments that can be slid in or out or fully removed, making food prep, storage, and serving a breeze. Use the side trays to hold extra food or to keep cold items in the refrigerator before your guests arrive. Some home cooks use them to scrape their peels while they're chopping and dicing for faster, easier clean-up, too.


A Kitchen Gadget That Quickly Cores & Deseeds Fruits & Veggies

The sharp serrated blade on this stainless steel corer makes quick work of apple cores, jalapeno seeds, avocado pits, and mire. Fruits and vegetables look nicer, and your food prep will go faster, too. Take note, though — the blade is extremely sharp, so use with caution.


A Stylish Pair Of Yoga Pants With A Handy Pocket

Fans love the comfortable fit of these high-waisted yoga pants, which cost a fraction of other comparable brands. If going without pockets is torture for you, have no fear. These feature two generously-sized side pockets that hold your essentials, even when you're in downward dog.


A Set Of Four Toothbrushes Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo & Charcoal

Your whole household can use this numbered pack of four bamboo toothbrushes. Made of bamboo wood with charcoal bristles and packaged in 100% recycled biodegradable material, they're an affordable way to make a more eco-friendly and attractive choice for your bathroom.


An Under-$20 Essential Oil Diffuser With Over 7,000 Glowing Reviews

At only 6 inches tall, this diminutive diffuser can sit on even the smallest of surfaces. Use it with just water as a humidifier, or add a few drops of essential oils for a fragrant dose of aromatherapy. It quietly runs for up to four hours on the continuous misting mode, or six if set to intermittent mode, and it looks lovely, too.


These Glasses That Protect Eyes From Blue Light & UV Glare

If you find yourself experiencing headaches or eye strain or having difficulty sleeping after looking at screens all day, pick up these blue light-blocking glasses. The clear lenses protect eyes from the blue rays that are emitted by computers, phones, and gaming devices, and are also designed to prevent the discomfort and eye strain many people experience working under fluorescent lights. Plus, they're Italian-designed and super stylish, so you'll look cute wearing them.


An Easy-To-Install Shower Head With 30 Spray Settings

Install the AquaDance shower head for a relaxing, spa-like shower that you customize to your liking, with the option to switch from using both shower heads together or separately. It boasts an impressive 30 spray settings, including rain/mist, pulsating massage, and a water-saving pause mode. Choose from a chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze finish.


A Vacuum Sealer So You Never Sacrifice A Drop Of Wine Again

Never again suffer the agony that is pouring half a bottle of wine down the drain because its flavor got ruined from long-term exposure to air. The EZBASICS wine saver vacuum pump removes oxygen and seals your opened bottles of wine, keeping bottles preserved for up to seven days. The set comes with the pump and four rubber stoppers, so you can mix up your wines without worrying about waste.


A Handheld Milk Frother To Create Barista-Level Lattes At Home

This single-whisk handheld frother foams up your milk and matcha tea for delicious, barista-style drinks in just seconds. Simple to use, impossible to get wrong, and small enough for even the tiniest of kitchens, this inexpensive gizmo will save you tons of money that you'd have spent on custom drinks.


This Powerful Chiller That's Like Adding 30 Ice Cubes To Your Drink

The HyperChiller is not messing around. It takes a hot beverage, like coffee, and shows it who's the boss, chilling it up to 130 degrees in one minute. Use it to make iced coffee or tea without needing to dilute your drinks down with ice cubes, or chill wine, juice, and other non-carbonated beverages quickly and with ease.


A Space-Saving Smart Plug That's Controlled By Alexa Or Google Home

Easy to set up, the Kasa smart plug mini is a small but mighty device that you can control via app from anywhere, or use with voice control. Set your appliances and lights on a schedule, and suddenly your formerly hectic mornings will run so much smoother!


A Stylish Travel Backpack With Tons Of Clever Extras

This bag is stylish enough on its own, but the the added details make it a true winner. Made of a high-quality, waterproof fabric and featuring an anti-theft design, adjustable straps (so you can switch from carrying as a hands-free backpack or shoulder bag), and plenty of pockets, this will quickly become your go-to bag for work, school, weekends, and travel. It comes in seven attractive colors and two sizes — opt for the larger one if you carry a laptop. If not, go with small, which still has plenty of room for all your daily essentials.

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