41 Things We Fell in Love With After Just One Use (& They're All On Amazon)

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As a commerce editor, online shopping is literally my job. I've covered everything from the best products for curly hair to hidden gems on Amazon, and that means I've encountered a lot of products — as have my colleagues. Over years of product research, we've tried out countless items first-hand. The worst have been learning experiences, and the best have not only become mainstays in our routine, but the first time we tired them we knew that they were going to be game-changers.

By the nature of our jobs, when one of us discovers one of these rare stand-out items, we're quick to take to Slack to share the details with each other. Now, we're rounding up the best of the best — our GOATs, if you will — so you can snag them for yourselves. From texturizing spray that gives you celebrity-worthy hair to hangers that triple your closet space, these are the products that we fell in love with after just one use, and now, have a permeant spot in our lives.

So if you're ready to take a peek inside our virtual shopping carts and check out the products that, amongst the thousands we've tried, are the ones we can't stop talking about, then keep scrolling.

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