40 Things We Fell in Love With After Just One Use (& They're All On Amazon)


As a commerce editor, online shopping is literally my job. I've covered everything from the best products for curly hair to hidden gems on Amazon, and that means I've encountered a lot of products — as have my colleagues. Over years of product research, we've tried out countless items first-hand. The worst have been learning experiences, and the best have not only become mainstays in our routine, but the first time we tired them we knew that they were going to be game-changers.

By the nature of our jobs, when one of us discovers one of these rare stand-out items, we're quick to take to Slack to share the details with each other. Now, we're rounding up the best of the best — our GOATs, if you will — so you can snag them for yourselves. From texturizing spray that gives you celebrity-worthy hair to hangers that triple your closet space, these are the products that we fell in love with after just one use, and now, have a permeant spot in our lives.

So if you're ready to take a peek inside our virtual shopping carts and check out the products that, amongst the thousands we've tried, are the ones we can't stop talking about, then keep scrolling.


A Pair Of Memory Foam Slippers You'll Never Want To Take Off

In my opinion, $20 was a surprisingly small price to pay for this much foot-supporting comfort. I've been wearing these RockDove memory foam slippers around the clock since they arrived on my stoop, except when I have to leave the house. That said, if you're simply getting the mail or taking out the trash, these have sturdy rubber soles for waterproof durability and non-slip protection. They're also made with a waffle-knit fabric that's warm, but extremely breathable. Get them in three colors and four sizes.


Hydrocolloid Patches That Absorb Blemishes Overnight

Several members of our team are obsessed with these Cosrx Master Patches, but one editor in particular writes: "It basically gets rid of a pimple overnight — and helps prevent me from picking them, which is a bonus." These small, transparent circles are made with hydrocolloid, which absorbs the excess oil and pus while protecting the blemish. In the morning, the area is less inflamed and well on its way to healing — and the patch is visibly white with the contents of the pimple.


An Expandable Drawer Organizer Made From Bamboo

Whether you're organizing your utensils, office supplies, junk drawer, or art materials, the Artisware organizer helps get the job done — and helps your drawers stay neat long-term. It's made from sturdy, eco-friendly bamboo and features expandable wings for extra compartments and a custom fit in almost any drawer. It's also water-resistant and easy to clean in case of spills.


An All-In-One Nail Set For Gel Manicures At Home

For the price of a single in-salon manicure and pedicure, I can now paint my own nails from the comfort of my home — and the gel varnish will last up to two weeks. The MelodySusie gel set comes with a UV and LED lamp with a built-in automatic sensor and three pre-set timers. It also comes with six polishes in various popular colors, though the lamp will work with virtually any UV-gel polishes on the market.


A Cult-Favorite Kitchen Appliance

For those who also have to prioritize work, hobbies, self-care, and relationships, the Instant Pot is a must-have appliance that makes quick work of impressive dinners. This number-one best seller cooks rice, steams vegetables, slow-cooks stews, sautes meat, warms leftovers, and makes yogurt — but the primarily selling point is the pressurized, sealed environment that significantly speeds up cooking time, so you can create a dinner-party-worthy roast in under an hour and a half.


A Faux-Fur Blanket That's Incredibly Cozy

"I think half the commerce team has the blanket," one of our editors writes about the Chanasya faux-fur throw. "It really was one of my best purchases of 2018. And it looks exactly the same after going through the washer/dryer!" Even though it's extremely soft and luxurious, the microfiber-polyester won't shed or cause allergies — and it's available in over a dozen colors to add warmth and texture to any space.



Not only do these durable chrome hangers feature adjustable, vinyl-coated clips that securely cling onto fabric without damaging it, but the hangers also hang from each other which will save you much-needed space in your closet.


A Facial Toner That's Actually Moisturizing

Unlike many toners on the market, KLAIRS Supple Preparation is made without parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances, and other irritating ingredients. Instead, it uses carefully-chosen plant extracts to hydrate, shrink pores, calm irritations, and balance the natural pH of your skin. Even the most skeptic skin-care enthusiasts on our team are impressed.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Simple Storage

If you're short on counter space in your home, the Surpahs drying rack is a life-saver — and has a 4.9-star rating to prove it. It's been called "one of the most genius products ever invented" because, when extended, it creates a large surface area over the sink where you can drip-dry your dishes — but when you're done, it rolls up into a compact tube-shape for easy storage. Since it's made from silicone-coated steel, it's both durable and non-slip.


A Pumpkin Enzyme Mask That's Worth The Splurge

Using triple-action exfoliation that works on a manual, chemical, and enzymatic level, the Peter Thomas pumpkin mask removes dead skin and impurities for a brighter, more radiant complexion. Whether their skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone, reviewers agree that it's one of the best masks they've ever used — which is why it's a favorite among our team. Best of all, the smell is "to die for and leaves a lasting scent."


A Thick, Comfortable Cinch Belt To Complete Any Outfit

After purchasing the Paul Jones elastic cinch belt in black, I've used it to complete the vast majority of my outfits — and I've since bought two more in different colors. The braided faux-leather and gold fastening give it the appearance of a traditional belt, but the entire back is made from stretchy, comfortable elastic for the ideal fit every time. It's available in various sizes and color combinations, and helps skirts, flowy dresses, and loose sweaters to appear as if they were custom-made for you.


A Towel That Really Does Dry Hair Faster Than The Rest

As a beauty writer and someone with curly-hair, I've tried more than my fair share of hair towels — but so far, nothing has compared to the VOLO Hero. Even though it's lightweight and extremely soft to the touch, this special fabric absorbs up to 10 times the amount of moisture when compared to a normal bath towel — which both significantly speeds up drying time and prevents damage in the process. It even has an elastic, snag-free band to keep it in place while you go about your routine.


A Glass Nail File That Has Transformed My At-Home Manicures

I will never go back to traditional emery boards after using this Bona Fide Beauty nail file. Instead of grating sand paper, this tool uses high-quality Czech glass to glide across the nail and seal the keratin layers in the process. The result is smooth, snag-free nails that are less prone to cracks and peeling. It's also entirely washable and comes with its own case, so it's significantly more sanitary than other files.


A Non-Irritating Facial Cleanser We've Spent Years Searching For

"I’ve genuinely searched for years to find a face wash that takes my make up off without angering my skin," one of our editors claimed, "and this seems to be the one." Free & Clear liquid cleanser is aptly-named because it's free and clear from all the usual irritating chemicals, like sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and parabens. Instead, it uses only skin-friendly, gentle ingredients to remove makeup, excess oil, and other pore-clogging impurities — and the result is a fresh, hydrated complexion.


This Versatile Condiment That You Can Put On Virtually Anything

Since it's made with honey, chili peppers, and vinegar, Mike's Hot Honey is one of the most versatile condiments on the market, and tastes equally incredible on ribs, biscuits, pizza, and even ice cream. It's also paleo-friendly and gluten-free, so it's no wonder it has nearly 700 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.


A Scandinavian-Inspired Egg Cooker For Delicious, Creative Breakfasts

The AggCoddler is a Scandinavian-inspired cup made from porcelain and silicone. It's used to cook eggs (to your desired doneness) in the microwave, poach them in a pan, or bake them in the oven, and thanks to the non-stick, dishwasher-safe design, you can also add cheese, bacon, spices, or other creative ingredients. Our senior editor recommends, sprinkling in Provençal herbs and parmesan and poaching them in pan for nine minutes to achieve the perfect gooey orange center and a completely cooked egg white. You can purchase one in your favorite pastel shade, or acquire an entire colorful set.


The Last Reusable Water Bottle I'll Ever Buy

As an avid water drinker, my cabinets are filled with failed attempts at the perfect reusable vessel — but the Takeya insulated straw bottle may be the last one I ever try. The BPA-free, stainless steel interior keeps drinks cold for literally hours, while the brushed exterior is durable and resistant to condensation. Finally, the flip-up straw lid is leak-resistant when closed, but allows you to easily drink with a single hand while driving, running, or working. It's available in two sizes and six colors, and even has a built-in removable coaster attached to the bottom.


This Two-In-One Serum And Primer For Sensitive Skin

Another skin-care favorite is the Aveeno Positively Radiant MaxGlow serum and primer, which lives it up to its name. It's extremely light and fast-absorbing despite the fact that it both hydrates and preps skin for the next step. Ingredients like soy and kiwi lock in skin's moisture and create a smooth, glowing canvas — and since it's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it's well-suited for sensitive skin.


A Citrus Juicer For Precise Cooking And Baking

This handy gadget from OXO Good Grips is not your average citrus juicer. That's because, in addition to its effective reamer, it also has an attached measuring cup with a convenient spout. That way, you can juice the exact amount of citrus you need for a recipe and pour it straight into the mixing bowl. It's also BPA-free, disassembles for easy cleaning, and stores compactly in a drawer or cabinet.


Superfood Chia Bars That I Bring Everywhere With Me

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients that often lead to surprising health and beauty benefits (including stronger nails, brighter under-eyes, and clearer skin) — but if you don't get enough of this super-food, Health Warrior Chia Bars can help. These convenient snack packs contain fiber, protein, magnesium, and omega 3s and come in loads of delicious flavors. They're also free from gluten, dairy, soy, and GMOs. I always keep a few in my bag, and sometimes I'll even have one in place of dessert — they're that good.


An Upright Organizer To Help You Store Your Makeup Palettes

Eyeshadows, blush palettes, and powder foundations are often a little too clunky for your makeup bag — but you'll still want to store them somewhere within reach. The byAlegory palette organizer is a commerce favorite because it's sleek, easy to clean, and extremely functional. The upright acrylic design is space-savvy and can fit up to 10 palettes of any size. (It's also available in small and medium for vanities with limited counter space.)


These Exotic, Fruity Bitters That You Can Add To Cocktails (Or Water)

Handmade in Oregon using unique, natural ingredients, bitters from The Bitter Housewife come in four flavors and add new life to all sorts of cocktails, from gin to vodka. That said, if you're not an alcohol enthusiast, one of our editors has a more practical use for them: "I hate drinking water but it's good for you, so I add these into my water bottle so I can be convinced to hydrate." Depending on the flavor, you'll get hints of grapefruit, walnut, nutmeg, lavender, or cardamom, which make any drink infinitely more complex and enjoyable.


A Reliable Electric Kettle With A Gorgeous Ceramic Exterior

After purchasing a BELLA electric kettle for myself, it's been my go-to gift for housewarming parties, Secret Santas, and any hard-to-buy-for friends on my list. With the flip of a switch, this kitchen appliance boils water faster and more safely than the microwave or stove — but its ceramic exterior and various colors and pattern options make for a beautiful counter-top accent that recipients will love to show off.


An Adhesive, Pop-Up Finger Grip And Stand For Your Device

Using the reliable and reusable self-adhesive, PopSockets can attach to any device from phones to tablets. They then function as a convenient finger grip and stand, so you can securely text, take selfies, and watch movies with ease. Best of all, the collapsible design snaps into place at various heights and lays flat against your device when not in use. Get it in several galaxy-inspired styles, or you can opt for nautical patterns as well as solid colors.


These Clothing Storage Baskets For Your Drawers Or Closet

Organize your underwear, shirts, socks, bras, linens, and towels with these brilliant cloth baskets from Simple Houseware. They're made from non-woven, mold-resistant fabric and come in various shapes and sizes to suit all types of items. Best of all, you can utilize them in your drawers to keep clothes neat, your closets to expand your storage, and on your shelves to hide your clutter.


A Clean, Dotted Notebook For All Your Creative Expressions

If you're a writer, the Leuchtturm notebook has numbered pages, a table of contents, and clean, dotted lines to ensure neat handwriting. If you're an artist, the dots serve as guidelines without getting in the way, and if you're a doodler, they work to combine the best of both worlds. Either way, thousands of reviewers (and our team's editors) love this hard-cover notebook that's available in countless colors.


A Soft Cloth That Removes All Makeup Using Just Water

Admittedly, I was skeptical about the Makeup Mitty and its water-only cleansing claims — until I tried it for myself. Astoundingly, this little mitten really does wash away eyeliner, mascara, and foundation, all without scrubbing or the need for a cleanser. The terrycloth fabric is soft on skin and can be washed in the machine — plus it features finger holes and a dual-sided design to cleanse various parts of the face.


A Horizontal Or Vertical Rack That Keeps Your Cabinets Organized

If your pan cabinet is a chaotic, clanging mess, the Deco Brothers kitchen rack comes highly recommended. This organizer can be used vertically or horizontally and ensures that up to five skillets are neat and easily-accessible in your cupboard or drawer.


A Bold, Smudge-Resistant Liner That Also Supports Lash Growth

Due to its bold, smudge-resistant formula and precise brush tip, Hairgenics Pronexa Lavish liner would be my go-to liquid pen on its own. Add in the castor oil growth serum, and I'm over the moon about this makeup must-have. As a contact lens wearer, it's extremely important that my liner is non-irritating, and this pick is — plus, despite the fact that it's waterproof, it comes off easily with remover.


A Top-Selling Memory Foam Pillow That's Adjustable

The Coop Home Goods adjustable loft is a department-wide favorite for our team — and it's a world-wide favorite for everyone else. This hypoallergenic pillow has over 16,000 reviews because it's so incredibly versatile; the premium shredded memory foam can be removed or added to create your ideal loft and density, making it a supportive, comfortable pick for any type of sleeper.


A $14 Eyeshadow Palette That Rivals The $40 Ones

Despite the fact that the Lamora palette costs just $14 (or less, depending on which color set you opt for), it's a number-one best-seller because it rivals the expensive name brand options in texture and pigmentation. It's my daily palette because it blends easily, comes in matte as well as shimmer shades, and is extremely affordable — especially given the quality. Even those who religiously shop at Sephora are impressed.


A Set Of 12 Ring-Spun Dish Towels

"This might seem like a boring recommendation but these are the best dish towels!" one editor raved. They're made from 100 percent, ring-spun cotton, so they're durable and absorbent, yet extremely soft. "And the high quantity means I now come closer to swapping out for a clean one the recommended every few days. (When I read that was how often you’re supposed to change them I was like, 'yikes.')"


A Sleek Automatic Wine Opener That Does All The Work For you

The Secura automatic wine opener utilizes a built-in rechargeable battery to power an automatic screw, which removes the cork in seconds at the touch of a button. It works on virtually all standard bottles and even comes with a foil cutter to make that step infinitely easier, too. Its stainless steel exterior, sleek charging base, and modern LED light make it a statement piece and a must-have kitchen gadget all in one.


Stackable Organizers That Double Your Usable Cabinet Space

Multiply the usable space in your pantry and cabinets with these organizers from Simple Houseware. They can be stacked or placed side by side to add more surface area to your storage — and since this set comes with one medium and one large, you'll be able to double your shelf space for various types of items. The sturdy steel can support a surprising amount of weight, but the surface is perforated in case of spills or moisture.


A Pan With Interchangeable Parts So You Can Create Custom Cakes

Create a custom cake for any birthday, letter, name, or phrase with the Wilton Countless Celebrations non-stick steel cake pan. Whether they're a beginner or an expert, this unique set is a baker's dream because its various interchangeable inserts simply slide around the pan to create different shapes, letters, and numbers. After pouring in the batter, you simply bake, cool, trim the edges, and decorate.


A Full-Coverage Foundation That Dries Into A Silky-Smooth Finish

I've tried high-end foundations and cheap drugstore options, but so far, absolutely nothing has measured up to L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte. This long-wear liquid creates a smooth surface with full coverage, but unlike other foundations, it's anything but oily; instead, it dries quickly into a powder-like finish that resists shine all day. (That said, despite the fact that my skin can get relatively dry, it still never looks caked-on or flaky.) It's available in 22 different skin tones, and it's so reliable, I use it under my eyes and over blemishes in place of a secondary concealer.


A Multi-Purpose Storage Piece That Fits In Convenient Places

Another one of our editors adores the C&AHOME bamboo shoe rack because it's stylish, multi-functional, and fits effortlessly in a small alcove. It's a "good, narrow piece" that offers two sturdy shelves for shoes and baskets, a cushioned bench for convenient seating, and a hidden compartment for laces, keys, or shoe polish. Best of all, it's lightweight yet durable enough to support 260 pounds due to its bamboo construction.


A Luxurious Coverlet Set To Transform Your Bedroom For Summer

It's surprisingly difficult to find a quality bedspread set for a reasonable price, which is why the Mellanni coverlet has gotten so much attention. The over-sized, hypoallergenic quilt is made from brushed microfiber with subtle floral stitching — and it's available in two sizes and seven stylish colors. It's also non-bulky and breathable for the warmer months, and even comes with two matching decorative pillow shams.


The Best Yoga Pants At An Incredibly Low Price Point

I've searched far and wide for the perfect pair of yoga pants — both for fitness classes and to lounge around the house in — and in terms of quality and affordability, it doesn't get much better than these. ODODOS yoga pants offer a four-way stretch and opaque fabrics in virtually any color and two lengths. They also have comfortable, roll-resistant high waistlines and large accessible pockets, so it's really no wonder they've got over 7,000 reviews.


A Cult-Favorite Dry Shampoo That Seemingly Does It All

"This is a hairdresser-recommended product that makes you look like a celebrity," one editor says. "I am obsessed." In fact, countless reviewers are obsessed with ORIBE texturizing spray because it absorbs excess oil with zeolite crystalline, nourishes with white ginger, green tea, and passion flower extracts, and builds upon existing strands for volume and style-preserving power. In short, it's a reliable dry shampoo, light hair spray, and volumizer all in one — what's not to love?

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