39 Chic Basics From Amazon That'll Go With Everything In Your Closet

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There's little out there that's better than a classic, well-made garment you can wear again and again. When it comes to your closet, nothing is more essential than chic basics that go with everything and can be used all year long — because they're the items you'll always turn to when you want to feel confident and polished. Best of all, if you find the right ones, they'll last forever. Think: black pumps, plain white T-shirts, and the perfect pair of jeans. While you're more than welcome to head to an endless amount of stores in search of them, you can surprisingly find some of the most timeless pieces on Amazon.

While all relatively simple on their own, these must-have items make for an incredibly stylish, put-together end look when layered and paired with other shirts, shoes, jackets, and accessories. The best part? They're backed by enthusiastic reviewers who turned to Amazon to build out capsule wardrobes or upgrade their basics to affordable, quality pieces. If you're beginning to imagine what this could mean for your wardrobe, stop procrastinating and start scrolling. Below, you'll find 39 basic closet staples to grow your closet one 'Add to Cart' at a time.

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